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My name is Sean and live in the Buffalo NY area. I am very active and exercise often, but have the portion control issue that always offsets my efforts. I have a awesome family that I am very proud of! My wife is Lisa (theparnellslisa) and Trish (pattycakes33333) are part of this challenge. Lisa is the team leader and March winner of Team Omarosa. I have high hopes for April. March had many distractions for me ( 2 full weekends working a home and garden show, St. Patricks day, a colonoscopy, Easter, lent ). I am proud of our challenge group and look forward to working out with all of you!


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    My name is Lisa and I am married to that very handsome guy above me! We have been married for 29 years and I couldn't have chosen a better man to spend the rest of my life with!! I am suffering with end stage osteoarthritis in my hips and need double hip replacement in the fall. Sean has been so supportive of me and helping in any way he can to get me through the day. I really need to be part of this group as it will certainly motivate me to lose weight and strengthen my core as I prepare myself for surgery. I want to thank all of you for taking part in this journey and promise that I will give this challenge all that I have!!
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    My name is Trish and I am the daughter of Sean and Lisa. I really enjoyed the challenge last month. The daily challenges are great! They always give me motivation to do some sort of exercise each day, even if just for 10-20 minutes. I have lost 10 lbs so far on my weight loss journey and I still have 20-25 lbs to go. In addition to the weight I really want to build a healthy active lifestyle for myself. I also want to be able to fit into the clothes I have away in storage... And fitting into my bikini might be nice too
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    My (nick)name is Casty. I'm the mother of 3 boys, ages 12, 10, and 4. I had abs once. I'd like them back. lol My oldest son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes almost 2 years ago and I've sort of been in a free-fall since then. It was overwhelming to say the least, but he's relatively independent in his care now and I no longer have to wake up to check him every 2 hours, so the only thing I have left to blame now is myself. :open_mouth: I loooove food. I love to snack. I love to be lazy. Not a good combination! Haha
    I am a Boy Scout leader, so when we have camping trips and activities, I'm really active... it's just the day-to-day I need to work on... I'm an accountant in a tax office, so literally sit on by butt for around 10 hours a day and then when I get home I just want to escape the stress with food and a book. :blush:
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    My name is Ann. Just turned 60. Been dabbling at this stuff and I love this group because its helping me get focused. Used to be real active, working at getting back at it. I commute 35 miles to work each way (I live in SoCal) which can play havoc with exercise. Hubby has Type II diabetes which means I have to really pay attention to food but me? I love to snack especially at night when I THINK I'm bored (wrong) - That stuff has to stop! Walking after dinner helps stop that . Time to get it done
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    My name is Serena. I am 41. I am a mom, wife and work full-time as a BMET for the Army Reserves. I am wanting to get back in shape for my health. My ultimate goal is to get back to the weight I was when I left active duty. This group is helping me greatly. I am excited that i will be home this month and no road trips for work.
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    My name is Laurie. I'm 45, a wife and mom of twin 17 yr old girls and work full time. I live in the twin cities, MN.I've been mostly active over the past 7 years and have had success losing weight...and found it really easy to gain some of it back again as I love food and lots of sweets. I'm glad this challenge has both physical and nutrition aspects.

    Since becoming more active on MFP at the beginning of this year I have lost 21 pounds. I have 11 pounds to my goal weight. I have found that groups like this to give and receive motivation and encouragement are key to me. Let's rock and roll!

    Thank you Sean and Lisa!

    Looking forward to getting to know the rest of you too.
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    Hi, I'm Jules - vvv soon to be 50 and am determined that my 'older age' will be spent being healthy and not feeling sick and blurrrgh!!

    Thanks for this challenge :)
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    I’m Wanda - 64 and lovin' being retired. After reaching goal, I got lazy and gained back 12#s last year. The March Challenge got me back to logging resulting in a 4#s loss. The plan is to be back at goal within a couple of months.
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    Hey team... my name is Rus and I'm 48 (turning 49 at the end of this challenge). I reached my peak weight after Thanksgiving 2014 and decided to make a change before I ate myself to death. I lost 50 lbs last year and wanted to lose another 20 this year. I have lost about 7 lbs this year so far. My son is getting married in June, so would like to be at my goal weight by then. Let's do this!
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    My name is nicole, im 26 years old and im from Portland, Or. I currently work fullltime as a preschool teacher as well as going to school fulltime to work towards my bachelors degree in early childhood education. Ive always be a little over wieght but i gained a bunch of weight when i started this busy schedule and now that i am nearing graduation I'd like to start getting my wieght under control.
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    Hwy guys. My name is sam. I'm 27 yr old. Have been obese my whole life. I let myself gain 60 pounds after my first breakup and was never able to lose it. I have just gone through another very bad breakup and I am trtying not to gain anything. My starting weight is 213 lbs
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    Hi my name is sharon. Two years ago I was 40 pounds lighter. Then I lost my sister, a dear uncle and my 18 year old cat within 6 months of each other. Zoom a head to now, the dr wants to put me back on meds I was able to get off of before. I need to to do this for my health but I want to do this for ME if that makes sense. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this group:)
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    Glad to be able to join this challenge.Here a short story, I have been apart of MFP for a few years. I started at 270 pounds June of 2014. I lose a total of 95 pounds by August 2015. Th reason i wanted to lose weigh was due to my Son's wedding. I didn't want to hide from the cameras. He was to get married in Oct 2015 but the wedding was cancelled in August. I went into a downward spiral, felt like my reason was taken away. Since then i have regained about 30 pounds. I haven't gotten on the scale but its a guess based on how my clothes feel. This week i decided i need to do this for me this time. I am number one. I do have a few physical issues, my knees need to be replaced and i have 2 torn rotator cuffs. So I am limited. But i was able to lose over 90 pounds with the limitations. Looking forward to join an Team.
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    I just started here and have 70lbs to lose to reach my goal. I've started on the diet part, but really need some motivation to get moving. The weight (and my lifestyle) has caused me a variety of chronic pain issues but I need a reason to push myself past that.
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    Hello! I am 37 years old with an 8 month old baby. Had an emergency c-section and now i think i am ready and able to get into (better) shape. While my goal is to lose weight, i really want to decrease my body fat % and get rid of my abdominal fat. I am hoping this helps me achieve this and get some inspiration and guidance. Thanks for organizing it!
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    Hi my name is Lynn. I am 49 years old. I turn 50 on July 2. I did the March challenge. I really enjoyed it. I was keeping track of food intake and calories and lost some weight. I haven't done a whole lot in the last week or so. I was traveling for Easter and was sick with bronchitis. I am starting to feel better, but still taking it slow this weekend. I plan on working out but resting the rest of the time. I am a very busy person who works 2 jobs and spends a lot of time with friends and family. I don't usually have many free weekends off. So, I am going to take advantage of it and completely get rid of cough. I am good with the exercise, I just have problems with portion control. I need to work on that.
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    Hey my name is jackie, I'm 26 years old. I have gained roughly about 60 pounds in the last 5 or 6 years. I've never been so called skinny but I would love to just get back to my smallest weight of 150.
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    Hello. My name is Tabby Roe & I'm a 29-year-old, old-fashioned California girl! This will be my first Apprentice Challenge & I'm excited to take part. I always seem to do better when in competition.

    I love to be active - hiking, dancing, kickboxing, ice skating, jump rope - are all my kind of fun! I'm also an ice cream addict & to say I have a sweet tooth would be an understatement. . .It's led me down some dark winding roads usually covered in chocolate sauce. Naughty teeth & naughty Tabby Roe!

    My goal is to have fun, stay motivated & work as hard as I can to earn my dollars! My ultimate goal is to learn a new way of living. Food is not everything & it won't kill me to go to bed without indulging (or overindulging) in a late night sweet treat. . .It will actually help me live longer.

    I'm pumped! Let's do this!
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    Hi, My name is Phyllis and I'm back for a second round of Apprentice. I have been on a plateau since December and can't seem to shake that last 5 pounds. I held steady in March, after a little up and down and am ready to drop the rest this month. I tend to do mostly cardio exercises because of the calories burned, and this challenge has helped me add some strength exercises. Good luck, everyone!
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    Hi, my name is Jackie and I'm from Washington State! I have been retired for a year now right before moving back to Washington to enjoy my two grand babies

    I love the outdoors, hiking, swimming running!