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TwibblyTwibbly Member Posts: 1,065 Member Member Posts: 1,065 Member
The yo-yo is back.

So, it seems that I can stick to a plan for anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks.

Any recommendations on how not to get derailed and still have a life?

I've GOT to get this to stick.


  • nvmomketonvmomketo Member Posts: 12,020 Member Member Posts: 12,020 Member
    I let myself get derailed within a LCHF framework. I'll eat too muc but it will be with porkrinds and cheese dip, or chocolate peanut butter fat bombs, or just too much cheese. I try not to keep any trigger foods in the house at all.

    For eating out, you could always eat ahead of time so you aren't as hungry or go for appetizers (order just wings). When you eat out order a meat and a veggie side or salad. But you know this. Right? :)

    Just remind yourself that carbs do not equal a social life. Sugar =/= the way to have a good time. We socialize for the people and not the food.

    Just plan ahead so you aren't left hungry and tired and making choices that derail your woe. You have this. :)
  • LowCarbInScotlandLowCarbInScotland Member Posts: 1,027 Member Member Posts: 1,027 Member
    The key to successful weight loss for me has been not only eating LCHF but also planning and logging my meals so that I'm getting the most nutritional and satisfying bang for my buck with my food selections. However, that takes time and sometimes life gets in the way. My life got in the way the last 10 days, I haven't logged or planned, but I did stick with my LCHF woe. The truth is, I've been eating a lot more than I would have if i was consciously planning my meals and logging them and I ate LCHF foods that I'd prefer not to eat. I gained about 6 lbs, albeit it certainly wasn't all fat and was assuredly mostly water and I have lost 4 lbs of it so far and am getting back on track with planning and logging tomorrow, I'm planning my meals right now.

    Whilst gaining weight sucks, even if it's water weight, by maintaining my woe, I haven't completely derailed my diet and it's much easier for me to refocus than it would have been if I gave into the carb temptation during my period of non-logging as that would have turned into "well I screwed up, so I may as well eat everything I have missed all at once and go back on my diet tomorrow." Trust me, tomorrow would never have arrived and the gain would have quickly become 20 lbs. Because life was complicated at the time, I kept my diet simple with minimal ingredients (mainly just a lump of fatty meat at dinner with whatever LCHF stuff I could scrounge up during the day) and I bought my favourite foods to keep myself happy, dinner has been a ribeye with butter and wedge of cheese, roasted chicken legs with zoodles, roasted pork belly. I went back to my Quest bars, which don't do me any good, but is better than a loaf of bread, or worse. So all things considered, it wasn't good, it wasn't perfect, but I survived and am back on track.

    So I guess my advice is eat the LCHF stuff you enjoy when you're feeling a little out of control, eat more of it than you should have if need be, just don't turn back on the carb switch because it's really hard to turn off. It's much easier to have a massive bacon fest and wake up the next day and resolve to eat better than it is to eat an entire chocolate cake :wink:

    If you have a really restrictive list of foods, loosen the restrictions a bit when you're feeling this way and eat some of the LCHF foods that you may have given up.

    And of course make sure you're getting enough of the fats you enjoy, that helps make this woe more satisfying. I yo-yo'd a lot when i was LCLF, but that really changed when I added in the fat.
  • lisawinning4losinglisawinning4losing Member Posts: 732 Member Member Posts: 732 Member
    I know, that can be the hardest part, even for someone who only has a minimal social life! One weekend, or even one night, can throw you way off track. I'm maybe going to a BBQ tomorrow, but thankfully it's a BBQ, so there will be plenty of meat! I was thinking about making a low carb side dish or dessert and bringing it just for fun. Also, if you think about it, it's pretty easy to order at any restaurant, still be low carb, and still enjoy your food, especially since you can always have fat. I mean, try being vegetarian or something! We have it easy, I think! Just no beer. :( That's the only thing that might end up tempting me tomorrow. Of course it's ok to have occasionally, but I'm trying to do the one month of perfection challenge to help reset my metabolism, so, we'll see how it goes.
  • suesuarezsuesuarez Member, Premium Posts: 69 Member Member, Premium Posts: 69 Member
    I eat out a lot. I don't drink at home but when I'm out, I drink wine or vodka and club soda. Meals are pretty easy because I get a cheeseburger no bun extra lettuce hold the fries. Italian place I'll have chicken par with a side of veggies not pasta (I allow myself the minimal breading).

    I input my meals before going out so I don't derail myself after a drink or two.

    The trouble happens when I go to the Biergarten in town. I have to make a decision to either go with vodka and club or allow a higher carb intake and have a couple of beers. It would be much easier if beer nutritional values were readily accessible. If I'm having beer I try to drive so that I don't have more than two. (>_<).
  • TwibblyTwibbly Member Posts: 1,065 Member Member Posts: 1,065 Member
    Thanks for all the input. Upon further reflection, the problem tends to occur more after vacations (because I always go intending to mostly behave, then fall completely off) and after a smaller slip.

    I think I may have it in my brain that if I'm not going to do it right, I may as well get fries and a milkshake, and THAT's not going to work.

    I'm definitely an emotional eater (and drinker!), so that derails me, then I end up getting aggravated and eating more crap.
  • daylitemagdaylitemag Member Posts: 604 Member Member Posts: 604 Member
    Honestly if you can figure out how to not yo-yo diet then you'll be a billionaire overnight. I'm 48 years old and I've been doing it my entire life. Each time I pray that this will be the last time. But in the back of my mind I know that there is always a chance I will slip. Nonetheless, we have to keep trying and we can't ever give up. Good luck.
  • TwibblyTwibbly Member Posts: 1,065 Member Member Posts: 1,065 Member
    I think that for my first month or so, I'm going to stick to about 100g carbs per day. It's still a HUGE drop from where I'm at, but not quite as restrictive as my once-upon-a-time 30g per day.
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