REGISTRATION CLOSED: Biggest Loser Challenge - May 2016

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I am so pleased and proud of everyone's accomplishments this far. We've lost a total of 436.8 LBS!! That's amazing and we're only half way!!

I can see things heating up. Friendships are being formed, supports are in place and the competitiveness is starting to come into play. I love it!! We have had a few people leave us which is unfortunate but some of them have come back asking to join again next month. All in all I am very pleased with the participation. On-line groups such as this one tend to have a high drop-out rate and ours has been quite successful.

Because we're doing so well I'm going to continue the challenge next month. If you're interested in joining me again please respond in this thread. I will start making up the teams so we are ready for a May 1 start.

There will be some changes next month. You may or may not be on the same team. I'll be scrambling the teams up so you may be teamed up with someone you've not met yet. I'm doing this to keep things fresh. You'll be exposed to new people with new suggestions and tips. Of course there will be some familiar faces too.

I'm offering the spots to you first before going to the waiting list or to new people. I'm throwing the idea out to you....would you be willing to add a few more teams or are you happy with the way it is? I don't mind adding more teams as long as you don't feel it's too much. This is your challenge.

If you're interested please copy and paste the below:

Y/N to Additional Teams:

Once the month of April is complete I will use your closing weight as your starting weight for May.


  • kamoore06
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  • poojaknsl
    poojaknsl Posts: 82 Member
    Yes please
  • CatherineElizabeth13
    CatherineElizabeth13 Posts: 181 Member
    Yes :)
  • Kayak97
    Kayak97 Posts: 103 Member
    Yes to more teams
    Thanks so much!

  • mbhck
    mbhck Posts: 29 Member
    Username: mbhck
    Y/N to Additional Teams: why not!
    I will be more active in the group :)
  • thefletchhh
    thefletchhh Posts: 22 Member

    No suggestions just love love love this challenge ❤
  • HSM2673
    HSM2673 Posts: 48 Member
    Comments/Suggestions:keep up the great work.
  • memery7
    memery7 Posts: 236 Member
  • schmitz17
    schmitz17 Posts: 36 Member
    Username: schmitz17
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Yes
    Comments/Suggestions: Doing a great job, keep up the great work! Glad to have so much support!
  • wahagent05
    wahagent05 Posts: 446 Member
    Username: wahagent05
    Y/N to Additional Teams: yes
    Comments/Suggestions: Keep elimination process as is...if they do not weigh in by midnight they are immediately eliminated, and replaced!
  • Healthy4me4ever
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  • GrandmaJackie
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    edited April 2016
    Username: grandmajackie
    Y/N to Additional Teams: yes
    Comments/Suggestions: love the idea about not weighing in by midnight they are immediately eliminated, and replaced!

    Plus I'll be happy to lead a team again, love it!
  • slgibbs1987
    slgibbs1987 Posts: 194 Member
    Username: slgibbs1987
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Yes
    Comments/Suggestions: I think you are doing a great job! :smile:
  • ds1415
    ds1415 Posts: 48 Member
    Sign me in :

  • SweeteeBri
    SweeteeBri Posts: 494 Member
    Username: SweeteeBri
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Yes
    Comments/Suggestions: Love the elimination procedure. Also...maybe less changing of weighin days.
  • Linziyo
    Linziyo Posts: 25 Member
    Fine by me
    Can't wait to keep going!
  • Roxmom66
    Roxmom66 Posts: 297 Member
    Yes, if still manageable for the organizers. You are doing a great job and do not want to see you burn out!
  • cynbet69
    cynbet69 Posts: 615 Member
    Username= Cynbet69
    Y/ to Additional Teams= Yes
    Comments/Suggestions= your doing a great job maybe change the weight in date to two days
  • chelekaz
    chelekaz Posts: 888 Member
    Chelekaz here and yes I would love to continue in May.

    I think additional teams only if manageable.

    No suggestions. I think everything is spot on and wonderful.
  • MimiOfTheLusciousLawn
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    edited April 2016
    Username: MimiOfTheLusciousLawn
    Y/N to Additional Teams: No, I think we're at a great number of teams, maybe more members per team would help liven up the team threads?
    Comments/Suggestions: This has been a great format, I love the team names, love how supportive everyone is. Thanks so much for taking this chore on, @Serendipity0913, you do great work! <3 It might be fun too, to have everyone weigh in on a specific day.
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