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  • puglife456
    puglife456 Posts: 127 Member

    Username: puglife456
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Y
    Comments/Suggestions: Additional teams, or more people per team. Thank you so much! This has been such a great motivation and I really am seeing some results :)
  • mmcqueen927
    mmcqueen927 Posts: 292 Member
    Yes, as long as it does not become unmanageable for you.
  • vbugsmom
    vbugsmom Posts: 28 Member
    Yes please
  • mrsmuckster
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    Username= mrsmuckster
  • Ellebee332
    Ellebee332 Posts: 31 Member
    Username : Ellebee332
    Yes to more teams.
    Thanks for keeping this going! ! !
  • GloriaE2016
    GloriaE2016 Posts: 63 Member
    Y/N to additional teams: As long as it doesn't get too stressful trying to keep up with that many teams. My worry with more teams would be that it would get to be too much, but if you have the time than I say go for it!! BTW I think you are doing a great job!! :wink:
  • 303lissy
    303lissy Posts: 427 Member
    I'm always game for having more people in on the challenge :)
  • krenae312
    krenae312 Posts: 30 Member
  • matthewsfive
    matthewsfive Posts: 836 Member
    Username: matthewsfive
    Y/N to Additional Teams: not sure, sometimes i find it hard to connect with others when there are so many people. The threads get so long. there are so many to read i find myself not reading them. I just don't always get close when there are so many. Just my thoughts
  • Lesly_Barrett_1209
    Lesly_Barrett_1209 Posts: 96 Member
    YES! :smile:
  • suzmom23
    suzmom23 Posts: 16 Member
    Thanks for doing this! The accountability is awe some!
  • Brittles927
    Brittles927 Posts: 348 Member
    Username: britnaii22
    Yes to more teams if it still continues to be manageable for you :)
    @carrie1829 - I totally agree, maybe having each team weigh in on the same day will be easier for team captains!
  • chrizzy8
    chrizzy8 Posts: 78 Member
    Username: chrizzy8
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Y
    Comments/Suggestions: Thank you for all your hard work and thank you for continuing this! It has been so helpful, having the accountability to reach my goals!
  • RaeBeeBaby
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    edited April 2016
    Username: RaeBeeBaby
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Yes, as long as you can manage it!
    Comments/Suggestions: Change to the same weigh-in day for the everyone in the challenge. For example, all weigh-ins are reported by Friday. People can weigh in any day that week, but needs to be posted by end of day Friday. That way you don't have to keep track of who's weighing in on which day, if they're late, if they want to change their day, need for sending reminders, etc.
  • saturnina8
    saturnina8 Posts: 31 Member
    Username: saturnina8
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Yes!
    Comments/Suggestions: Thanks to Serendipty0913 and to all the Team Captains for all their hardwork!
  • kbrunner2
    kbrunner2 Posts: 38 Member
    Y/N to Additional Teams:Yes, if you can handle it
    Comments/Suggestions:this has been awesome! Great Job!
  • SuperSizeMeNot
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    Username: SuperSizeMeNot
  • LilDsMom2
    LilDsMom2 Posts: 211 Member
    Username: LilDsMom2
    Y/N to Additional Teams: No opinion here, whatever works for you.
    Comments/Suggestions: This has been said before but it bears repeating, great job!
  • saravictoria530
    saravictoria530 Posts: 13 Member
    Username: saravictoria530
    Teams: I feel like there are already a lot! With more teams comes more competition, but it's not worth it if it's too heavy of a burden!
    Comments: thank you, this has been so fun!
  • strength_76
    strength_76 Posts: 18 Member
    Username: strength_76
    Y/N to Additional Teams: yes if needed
    Comments/Suggestions: continue team mini challenges initiated by the captains
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