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  • Serendipity0913
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    aholowka1 wrote: »
    Y/N to Additional Teams:Y
    Comments/Suggestions:First time doing challege, very excited and motivated!

    Welcome @aholowka1!
    Thanks for joining us. Feel free to poke around in the threads to get familiar with how things work. The setup will be very similar for May. There's a great bunch of people here that offer great tips, suggestions, support and above all friendship.

    I'm in the process of getting everything set up for May. Once it's ready I'll send a link to the new group for May.
  • jmilner89
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    Yes I think add more teams, this is so motivating to stay on track, why not let more people have that help :)
    Thanks so much for doing this challenge!!
  • JordisTSM
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  • icandoit4sure
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    Icandoit4sure, NEW ... i would like to join May challenge.
  • Lshona
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  • kat1e0
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    Username: Kat1e0
    Y/N to Additional Teams: yes
    Comments/Suggestions: Thanks for heading this up. Love my team, we have an additional challenge each week within our team!
  • overw8gosk8
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    edited April 2016
    Username: grandmajackie
    Y/N to Additional Teams: yes
    Comments/Suggestions: love the idea about not weighing in by midnight they are immediately eliminated, and replaced! Plus I think if we have two weigh in dates that would help tremendously exspecially if we add more teams, may EITHER a MON or FRI. Right before the weekend or right after, :)

    Plus I'll be happy to lead a team again, love it!

    Username: overw8gosk8
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Yes! The more the merrier.
    Comments/Suggestions: +1 on the Monday or Friday weigh-in dates

  • acia90
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  • 1QtwithaQ
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  • bhappy_5
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    Think it is great the way it is :smile:
  • zydeco69
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    Username: Zydeco69
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Yes
    Comments/Suggestions: Thank you so much for all your effort. It is really helping me having accountability! :)
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  • TammyR429
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    Username: TammyR429
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Whatever you think you can handle is okay with me.
    Comments/Suggestions: This has been so helpful for me, thank you!!!
  • aroze0928
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    Yes thanks
  • GetFitTiki
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    Username: GetFitTiki
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Sure!
    Comments/Suggestions: Brand New to this and excited to start in May!
  • icandoit4sure
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    Username: icandoit4sure
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Y
    Comments/Suggestions: New to challenges. .. excited
  • hailtopixies
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    Username: hailtopixies

    NEW to the challenge
  • gethntysear
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    Username: gethntysear
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Yes or increase memeber size?
    Comments/Suggestions: Really appreciate all your effort, working for more than just myself has kept up my motivation.
  • Fattleass
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    Y/N to Additional Teams: Y
    Comments/Suggestions: Thanks for your efforts
    I really appreciate it very much
  • awakenbeauty51
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    Hello! I'm NEW and I would like to be added to the challenge for the month of May.
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