REGISTRATION CLOSED: Biggest Loser Challenge - May 2016



  • Free2batx
    Free2batx Posts: 51 Member
    Username: mlays005
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Y
    Comments/Suggestions: you're doing amazing!
  • melanieleasure
    melanieleasure Posts: 47 Member
    Please keep elimination the same! I can be a captain of you need me to.
  • jklepack
    jklepack Posts: 82 Member
  • misalillstead
    misalillstead Posts: 423 Member
    Yes, Please!
    Absolutely loving this challenge!
  • KakoHikes
    KakoHikes Posts: 359 Member
    Username: Tiggeray2000- I'd love to do this another month :)
    Y/N to Additional Teams: I have no problem with it as long at is not to much of a burden on you.
    Comments/Suggestions: Thanks for organizing this!
  • dillyg08
    dillyg08 Posts: 1,042 Member
    Sign me up.
    I think the teams we have is quite fine.
  • jen_b860813
    jen_b860813 Posts: 303 Member
    Username: lja860813
    Y/N to Additional Teams: the more the merrier :)
  • jennjenn5555
    jennjenn5555 Posts: 47 Member
    You've done a great job with this challenge. Thank you! I can't think of any way to improve it.
  • megaen29
    megaen29 Posts: 95 Member
    Y/N to Additional Teams:yes
  • tamund67
    tamund67 Posts: 11 Member
    Username: tamund67
    Y/N to Additional Teams: yes, if manageable for you!
    Comments/Suggestions: thank you so much for this challenge!
  • divamomof2
    divamomof2 Posts: 19 Member
    Yes indeed down for the May Biggest Loser. I also love to switch things up!!!
  • w8ingforthesun
    w8ingforthesun Posts: 20 Member
    Loving this challenge!!
  • JMarcella57
    JMarcella57 Posts: 1,902 Member
  • afhcreate
    afhcreate Posts: 17 Member
    Mark me on for May pls.
  • Jess_Weatherton4
    Jess_Weatherton4 Posts: 19 Member
  • Danimri84
    Danimri84 Posts: 262 Member
    Username: Danimri84
    Y/N to Additional Teams: Yes if it isn't too much hassle for you!
    Comments/Suggestions: Love these types of challenges, thank you so much for organizing!
  • megemrj
    megemrj Posts: 545 Member
    Keep elimination the same
    Add more teams

    This keeps me accountable. I really appreciate all you do @Serendipity0913
  • sandkp
    sandkp Posts: 453 Member
    I am NEW. Just found this challenge. Can you put me on the list for the May Challenge please?
  • Serendipity0913
    Serendipity0913 Posts: 388 Member
    sandkp wrote: »
    I am NEW. Just found this challenge. Can you put me on the list for the May Challenge please?

    Absolutely @sandkp Thanks for joining us. Feel free to poke around in the threads to get familiar with how things work. The setup will be very similar for May. There's a great bunch of people here that offer great tips, suggestions, support and above all friendship.

    I'm in the process of getting everything set up for May. Once it's ready I'll send a link to the new group for May.
  • aholowka1
    aholowka1 Posts: 14 Member
    Y/N to Additional Teams:Y
    Comments/Suggestions:First time doing challege, very excited and motivated!
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