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    Only half my comment posted grrr.

    Our new team challenge starting Saturday is to drink at least 8 glasses of water (I'm aiming for 4 pints) and to set yourself a step target that means you do more than normal (for me I'm aiming for at least 10,000 a day).
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    What an incredible second week we've had. 2nd place for Team and Suzmom23 got 2nd place for individual with vbugsmom and doitnow0216 just outside the top 3. What a great team we have. Let's aim for 1st next week, we can do this.

    Here's this week's WINNERS:

    Biggest Loser TEAM
    1st - Thin It To Win It - 1.01%
    2nd - The Slimsons - 0.98%
    3rd - The Bod Squad - 0.68%

    Biggest Loser INDIVIDUAL
    1st - Supersizemenot 3.26%
    2nd - TIE between ds1415 and Suzmom23 - 2.84%
    3rd - gilesmercer - 2.33%

    Those close behind were: memery7, vaindy, Vbugsmom, Nicklang02, doitnow0216, saturnina8 and bhappy_5

    Top Individuals on Each Team:

    Mission Slimpossible
    1st - 1TheQueenBee - 1.13%
    2nd - JMarcella57 - 0.95%
    3rd - divaford140 - 0.93%

    The Big Butt Theory
    1st - memery7 - 2.31%
    2nd - TIE between IAmALeaf and Emilym8705 - 1.00%
    3rd - Serendipity0913 - 0.96%

    Thin It To Win It
    1st - Supersizemenot - 3.26%
    2nd - ds1415 - 2.84%
    3rd - Nicklang02 - 1.86%

    Dude, Where's My Gut
    1st - bhappy_5 - 1.37%
    2nd - W8ingforthesun - 1.33%
    3rd - Lesly_Barrett_1209 - 0.99%

    Withering A Weigh
    1st - bbcbw - 1.24%
    2nd - Danimri84 - 1.11%
    3rd - melanieleasure - 0.88%

    The Slimsons
    1st - Suzmom23 - 2.84%
    2nd - Vbugsmom - 1.93%
    3rd - doitnow0216 - 1.79%

    Die Lard
    1st - gethntysear - 0.94%
    2nd - MimiOfTheLuciousLawn - 0.86%
    3rd - silverstar65 - 0.80%

    Run Track Minds
    1st - FluffySquid - 1.34%
    2nd - idabah - 1.13%
    3rd - ahelgers10 - 0.90%

    The Bod Squad
    1st - gilesmercer - 2.33%
    2nd - vaindy - 2.11%
    3rd - CCHaire - 1.22%

    1st - saturina8 - 1.41%
    2nd - Sherriediva1 - 1.27%
    3rd - Divamomof2 - 1.22%

    The Top 10 in the most pounds lost:
    1) Supersizemenot - 7.9 lbs
    2) gilesmercer - 6.2 lbs
    3) doitnow0216 - 6.0 lbs
    4) ds1415 - 5.9 lbs
    5) Suzmom23 - 5.5 lbs
    6) Vbugsmom - 5.3 lbs
    7) nicklang02 - 4.6 lbs
    8) TIE memery7 and Nerdishgirl3 - 4 lbs
    9) vaindy - 3.8 lbs
    10) wickedlovely2539 - 3.4 lbs
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    We have some brilliant losses this week., go Team Slimsons. One person left to weigh in, I tried to send him a message to remind him but I get 'unknown user' so not sure if that means we've lost him

    You're doing a fantastic job as team captain. Keep up the good work.
  • dillyg08
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    Way to go Slimsons, you all show up and show the other teams we are in it to win it.

    Let's keep it going. Let's get our water and steps in this week.
  • vbugsmom
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    Yay we got 2nd place!!! Great job everyone!!!
  • Serendipity0913
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    I will be continuing the Biggest Loser Challenge into May. If you are interested in continuing please go to the Registration thread and sign up. First come, first served. Spots are being offered to existing participants before I go outside the group.

    Looking forward to losing with you again in May!!

    Serendipity <3
  • Healthy4me4ever
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    Hope everyone is having a happy healthy weekend. I've managed to smash my step target, 14,940 on Saturday and 22,782 today. Back at work tomorrow so will be much harder. Just managed my 4 pints h2o each day
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    Got my steps in today. I took another hike over 4 miles. I have been drinking water like crazy with the sun out shining. I can't seem to get enough today.
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    Great work everyone - congrats! I'm challenging myself to get in 10,000 steps each day. Got it so far. Also getting my water in. I just signed up for next month's challenge...hope to see you guys there.
  • vbugsmom
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    I'm trying to hit my step goal. The last 2 days I did not. I was just not feeling it. I have also been struggling to get my water in. I did drink 80oz yesterday but my goal is a gallon. Today is a new day and I'm gonna try really hard to do better. I have been working my *kitten* off to loose weight. I have not been under 270 in like 8 years. It feels great. I'm gonna keep pushing. I can do this!!!
  • doitnow0216
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    Congrats @vbugsmom for getting under 270! Yes, you can do this!
    Congrats @carrie1829 for getting your steps and water in!
    I see you @Suzmom23! You're kicking some serious butt!
    Hey there @dillyg08 & @healthy4me4ever!
    Today is my weigh in. I missed my goal for this week by .3 lbs, but I logged a 5.7 lb loss this week! Woohoo! OK, gotta get to work on these steps. It may take me until midnight. lol!
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    Thanks @doitnow0216 I have been pretty quiet the thread...but I am trying to post more.
  • vbugsmom
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    I got my steps in for today and my water. I. So happy. Let's hope I can get back on track.
  • vbugsmom
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    @doinitnow0216 great job on the weight loss!!!
  • Healthy4me4ever
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    Feeling good. Thanks to the team challenge I not only got my steps in today but also made up my deficit from yesterday. I got home at 8pm today and had only done 5,500 steps. Instead of sitting down and staying put (my normal behaviour) I went for a walk and ended up on 13,354, making up for only 7,026 yesterday. Thank you fellow team mates for the silent push.

    Oh and I also hit my water target both days. Now off to bed.

    By the way amazing loss @doitnow0216
  • doitnow0216
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    Thank you @vbugsmom and @Healthy4me4ever . Team, I am dead beat today. I got my water in but I'm only halfway on the steps...ain't happening today. I'll make up for it tomorrow, I promise.
  • vbugsmom
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    edited April 2016
    I did not get my steps in or my water. My son had s severe allergic reaction from penicillin. So I was at the hospital with him. Poor baby is doing much better now.
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    So sorry to hear about your son @vbugsmom, glad he was better later. I know from experience with my nephew how scary witnessing a severe allergic reaction can be
  • Healthy4me4ever
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    @vbugsmom and @doitnow0216 wake up to a new day and try again . At least the challenge is making you focus on both things and that can only be a good thing.
  • doitnow0216
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    @vbugsmom Sorry to hear that your son went through that but glad he's doing better now. That couldn't have been pleasant for you either. I know you must have had to stay a long time at the hospital.

    As it turns out, the steps wasn't the only mishap I had yesterday. I ended up burying myself in Blue Bell ice cream later last night. I have a lot to make up for today! I'm going to work really, really hard the rest of the week. I expect to still have a good loss.