Hi everyone I'm new to the group have a ?

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I had a total hysto 2 years back, I'm 48 and i work out an hour every night, I'm trying to eat right. Weight is a slow battle, but hot flashes and such? Are there any vitamins i should try? I'm taking no hormone replacements at all, I've tried even a cream and i gain 5 lbs in a day. Would love to have something to help with symptoms.


  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    Progesterone cream? Yeah, it can certainly cause water retention.

    Hot flashes aren't my "thing" (so far). Hopefully someone else has suggestions!
  • hhsteacher
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    I've been taking a product called Menoquil since Jan. It has helped with my hot flashes and with sleeping better. I order it online.
  • aamundsoncpa
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    I tried a homeopathic medicine - Lachsis Mutus - which helped me. My co-worker has been suffering from hot flashes quite a bit lately and this remedy seems to be helping her somewhat as well. I only take it when they get bad, not constantly.
  • trinityskyyy
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    I am having terrible hot flashes and not sleeping well. My doctor suggested Femarelle. So far after 2 weeks I have noticed no change at all. I have been reading about Menoquil as hhsteacher stated above. It has good reviews on the internet. Anyone have any input re these products?

  • Sweet_Pandora
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    I have been taking Estrovera that my natural path Dr. recommended and it's working for me.