Puréed foods stage - what did you eat?

Bluemajestic Posts: 54 Member
My surgery was May 2nd and I am surprised to say my doctors office wants me to move on to the puréed food stage starting on the 11th. I'm reviewing the materials they provided me with but they are vague, so I wanted to reach out to this great group to see what everyone else did during this stage. Looking for ideas, thanks!


  • boncharlie
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    I pureed tuna/ pink salmon and mayonaise, chicken and mayonaise, chicken and gravy and I also pureed prawn, avacado and seafood sauce - delish :smiley:
  • KarlaYP
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    I used lean cuisine type meals (blending the non starch portions) during this stage. The amounts were just about perfect, and I didn't have a bunch of leftovers to throw out. Gave me the taste of real food, and worked well. I wouldn't even consider using them now, but they worked during that phase! Good luck!
  • vanillarose77
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    i really didn't blend anything for the pureed stage...i continued eating cream of wheat/malt o meal, and thick soups and strained the meat out of them...tuna i didn't puree that i just chewed a lot which i had no problems with. i did try ricotta cheese with apple sauce and a dash of cinnamon and that was good...
  • gdnplnty
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    I did Greek yogurt and applesauce during this phase. Yeh, pretty much the whole time of it. I am a texture person, it was kind of hard to do any else.

    I have heard of some doing the baby food pureed meats and such especially since the size was so small that trying to clean my bullet was just a pain if I did it myself.
  • NicoleL874
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    Google "Shelly's Ricotta Bake" from The World According to Egg Face. I added garlic to the mix (I'm Italian) and I pureed meatballs and mixed it with the marinara. It freezes well. I'm almost 7 months out and still make this semi-regularly.

    Canned or homemade chili, pureed, was another staple. Sometimes I mixed it with refried beans.
  • Ultima_Morpha
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    Amy's Organic vegetarian chili was a lifesaver to me when I got to soft foods and wanted some flavor.

    I had an extended full liquids phase due to re-hospitalization following surgery and mostly skipped purees.
  • Bluemajestic
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    All great suggestions!
  • BStruble2
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    yogurt, cottage cheese, protein shakes, food from my docs office that broke down in the stomach easily
  • Tawnykakers1
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    I pureed healthy request soups with added canned chicken for extra protein. There are so many flavors it did not get boring for me. I also liked protein powder in applesauce. I did make the "Shelly's Ricotta bake" I made several little ones in ramekins and baked them in the toaster oven. They were very tasty. Of course if all else fails or you don't feel up to eating go for a protein shake. Be prepared your taste may change. I used to love yogurt but I can't stand it now.
  • Sylvarose
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    Refried beans were a godsend. I would also steam the heck out of broccoli florets (no stalks) and purree those. I'd bake a sweet potatoe in the microwave, remove the skin, add just a little butter and purree that with a blend stick. Also tuna with mayo was another favorite. Oh and finally, because I thought if I had to drink one more protein I'd lose my mind, I drank Lifeway Kefir Yogurts. :)