10K training programme advice

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Just after some advice from the B210K community. I recently completed C25K and yesterday planned on running a 5K, adding an additional 5 mins and starting the B210K programme tomorrow. However I enjoyed my run so much I ended up running for 45mins straight comfortably. I could have run longer but didn't want to do too much too quickly. I wasn't tired or winded at all and felt so good.

So a couple questions:
1. Should I continue with the B210K programme? If yes should it be at a later week such as WK13 as I covered the time already?
2. Or would it be better to keep adding time every week? If this is the better option, please recommend an app.

Any advice, I would appreciate it.

Many thanks


  • taeliesyn
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    I would still go with the B210K program from the start, it's very rare you'll ever hear a runner complain about starting too slowly, many will complain about building too quickly and getting injured though. Myself included in that group :( *grumble mutter sigh*
  • sueann10
    sueann10 Posts: 74 Member
    Thank you so much for your advice. I will stick with B210K.