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  • whats_her_name
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    Today is day 2 of getting up at 4:30am and doing a treadmill workout. So far so good!!

    I'm tired and I have a blister, but I'm doing it (finally!)

    The carbs got me yesterday, but I'm trying to be back on plan today...
  • liapr
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    Hey guys!

    Seems like a distracted and busy month for a lot of us. Sorry I have not been around much at all. This month sort of disappeared. We are moving in 2 weeks which will be glorious! Although I have wedding events every weekend in June, so that makes it extra busy. Hubby also had his shoulder surgery and cannot use his dominant arm/hand, so I've been doubling as chauffeur, cook, cleaner, shoe-tier, everything... Work is also a bit crazy. I had an awesome eating week last week but not so much this week....

    I can't wait to get into my own house, get my vitamix back on my own counter, and my treadmill back up in its place! I think having a set routine will help a lot.

    How was day 1 of the fast, Terri? Hope you can enjoy the peaceful weekend - the beautiful weather makes a huge difference!

    How was your body feeling over the course of today, Karrie? Good for you for that super super early morning session lol.

    Mmmmm Lisa, I was drooling at the mention of the pumpkin loaf again, lol. I also tend to eat those things in one or two days. I was thinking of downloading a Fuhrman audio book for my commutes since I've not been motivated to stick to any real ETL at all...

    Mihani, good luck this week without the secretary around. Hope you don't drown!! Take some time for tea (and wine) :)
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    Hi Guys!

    It has been a while since I last posted. Things have been super busy! We finally found our new home! It is a one level home on 14 acres, with a workshop, barn and little shed that I'm going to convert into a funky art studio space. Super excited!

    My mom has been over for a few days visiting, so my routine is all messed up. While it was nice to see her, I'm looking forward to things getting back to normal and having better food.

    I'm also leaving in about an hour to pick up a new little puppy! I can't wait. It has been the longest day ever waiting to go get her. She's a 9 week old Australian Shepard named Ruby. She will grow up to be a good watch dog and we'll get her used to chickens and maybe goats as soon as possible.


  • whats_her_name
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    What a cute little puppy!!

    When do you move in, Lia?

    I'm not too sore, just the blisters on my feet telling me I might have pushed too far on the first 2 days. So I gave them a rest today and took a day off. Back to it tomorrow, though!!

    Looking forward to the weekend - I sure need it!!
  • liapr
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    It is so cute. They have the most beautiful colourings and eyes. Awesome idea getting her used to the farm and some wildlife right from the start.

    I may BEG you to pleaseeee post
    a) more pics of the puppy
    b) pics of the puppy with goats and chickens!

    I'm so jealous right now haha.

    We get our house on June 2 but are having the whole thing repainted and some potlights and light fixtures installed, so we aren't moving in until June 11. Still, that's finally the foreseeable future, woohoo! Mad packing starts this weekend...

    Good idea to listen to your feet Karrie! Any yummy smoothies lately?
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    Hey y’all, sorry I haven’t been around. Missed you all! It has been super busy at work and answering the phone and greeting clients and all that really takes away from my time working on my files. I went to the office for a little while today, and will be back in there tomorrow.

    Terri, how is your fast going? Are you finding any insights or help in the book you got on binging? I would be interested in that if you think it’s worthwhile. New clothes are so fun!

    Karrie, how goes your new plan? That’s awesome you are back on the treadmill. I still seem to be hit or miss. I really need to make it a priority!

    Lia, the next couple weeks will fly by and you’ll be in your new house. How is your husband’s recovery going?

    Carla, congrats on the new house! It sounds wonderful. And OMG OMG what a darling puppy! Such a sweet little face!

    I went to the store today and stocked up on lettuce and salad veggies, and sliced up a bunch of carrots and celery with the food processor, makes it such a breeze rather than chopping and chopping. Also got fruit and such. I am going to go back to green smoothies with raw fit (vegan protein powder) and frozen berries for breakfasts. It seems to hold me over better. The starchy carb cravings have got hold of me again, ugh! But it only takes a few days of avoiding them and eating lots of greens to get the cravings under control. Those few days are tough though lol.

    Can’t believe May is already almost over. This year is flying by so far.

  • tdh1991
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    HI all,

    Lia and Carla congrats on the new houses. Will be nice when your lives get back to normal.

    Carrie: hope your feet are cooperating

    Mahini: hope your secretary is back from vacation this week to give you a little breather.

    I am now 3 days 7 hours in to my 4 day fast. Almost done. I started to get heart palpitations the evening of day 2. Lucky the internet has so much information, drank a glass of water w/ 1/2 tsp of salt in it and no more heart palpitations. So, now I will add 1/2 tsp salt to my water 2 x day. When I wake up and before sleep. Today, I was feeling really great. I even managed to do chores and plant fresh herbs.

    This was a down weekend for us. Just getting ready for company and my daughter's graduation next weekend.

    Happy Memorial Day everyone.

  • whats_her_name
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    Lia, YES!

    You must try this smoothie.
    (Serves 2)
    1 can coconut milk (with coconut water, do not separate)
    2 bananas
    Frozen pineapples

  • tdh1991
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    Finished my 4 day fast yesterday. That was not pleasant but it does calm down the pain and swelling. Starting yesterday 2 day of a detox diet the 14 days of elimination diet phase 2 then starts the challenge phase to really narrow down my food sensitivities.

    This weekend is my daughters college graduation. Luckily the bed and breakfast we are staying over the weekend is making me special breakfasts from the recipes I forwarded to him. So very nice.

    My parents arrive today and tomorrow we start getting ready for the party at the lodge this weekend.

    Carrie we made this smoothie on Monday this was very yummy as well

    1/2 fresh pineapple, peeled and chopped about 3 cups
    1 small avocado, pitted and peeled (we used fresh coconut meat instead)
    1/2 bunch kale (used herb blend spring mix)
    1 small handful fresh mint (forgot the mint would really be great with mint)
    1 large handful fresh cilantro
    2 to 3 cups coconut water or water

    Yields about 6 cups

    Place all ingredients in a high-powdered blender and blend until smooth. Tast and add more pineapple or kale, if desired; blend again. Drink immediately
  • whats_her_name
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    sounds yummy.

    This morning I used spinach, hemp seeds, coconut water, bananas, pineapple and peaches. Very nice flavour. :smiley:
  • GillianETL
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    Hello everyone, long time no log in. Looking forward to catching up on reading all the updates! I survived May and putting my kid in daycare but my eating did not fare well. I'm up quite a few pounds and really hating how tired I feel. I also feel achy in areas which I'm not sure is related but being above your ideal weight isn't good for your body so maybe it is.

    So I'm committing fully and passionately to the 6 week ETL plan and I'm really excited about it. Only 2 days in so far but I'm eating 100% clean, 100% vegan and feeling great. My kid still cries every morning at drop off and also during the drive over but I realized my ability to cope well with difficulties is SO MUCH greater when I'm eating right and taking care of myself. Whereas life is just harder when I'm not taking care of myself and also feeling really guilty about not taking care of myself. So I'm back on the wagon, looking to really live this lifestyle to the fullest. I'm reading the book again too, I love to read. Hope everyone else is doing well!! :)

    Yesterday's Food Log:
    B - Oatmeal with mango, banana, unsweetened soy milk and ground flaxseed
    L - Huge salad with veggies, chickpeas, homemade vegan ranch dressing & stewed cabbage with tomatoes and mixed beans
    D - Huge salad with veggies, mixed beans, vegan ranch dressing plus sauteed onion, mushroom and falafel with homemade vegan tzatziki sauce & stewed cabbage with tomatoes and mixed beans. Dessert was shared with my daughter: smoothie with spinach, half a banana, frozen berries, goji berries and unsweetened cashew milk

    Side note: I have to watch the portion size on the delicious vegan ranch dressing because its base is cashews. But I just saw a recipe for a tofu based ranch dressing that I don't have to watch the portion size on. That would be exciting and make it easier to eat lots of raw veggies by dipping them. I'll report back if it tastes good or not.
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    Hi Gillian, so glad to see you back! We started a new thread for June so jump over there. Terri and I just started the 6 week plan 2 days ago too, so you will have some company on the trials and triumphs to come.

    That has to be rough your little one is still crying when you leave her. I love to read too. I have to be careful because I will start a book and I get obsessed with finishing it. I pretty much have to ban reading during the week or I don't get any sleep lol.

    Your meals yesterday look great! All the GBOMBS accounted for. Definitely let us know if that tofu dressing is good. I usually just use plain balsamic, but sometimes it is nice to have a change.