Swim sweet swim

rahmat_hidayat Posts: 62 Member
I feel moments of flying and gliding in the water are really sensational and recreational. Everyday I like to swim, never bored. Swimming for me is power booster at pre office hour, relaxation at rest hour, and stress relief at post office our. Why do feel swimming so sweet for you?


  • Robertus
    Robertus Posts: 558 Member
    I like how it clears my head while I'm swimming and the endorphin sense of well-being afterwards.
  • rosebarnalice
    rosebarnalice Posts: 3,488 Member
    I call it "swimming with the endolphins"-- it's physically challenging, repetitiously meditative, invigorating and relaxing, and mentally restorative. Plus, it makes me feel like I've actually accomplished something when I'm done!
  • Montepulciano
    Montepulciano Posts: 845 Member
    Two things for me. First that feeling of just me and the water, nothing really else can intrude for that hour or so I am in the pool. Secondly it is the movement through the water, how tweaking the angle of my hand catches more or less water, how the follow through has my thumb brushing the top of my thigh and that little extra push before my arm leaves the water to start all over again...pretty sweet.
  • NoelFigart1
    NoelFigart1 Posts: 1,276 Member

    Swimming is licentiously sleeping in sprawling water.
    is making love with each still operable pore
    is endlessly being free and inwardly triumphing.

    And swimming is touching solitude with fingers
    is with arms and legs telling ancient secrets
    to the always all-comprehending water.

    I have to admit that I’m crazy for water.
    For in water I breathe water, in water
    I am a creator who embraces his creation
    and in water you can never be wholly alone,
    and still remain lonesome.

    Swimming is being almost a little bit holy.

    © Translation: 2000, Kendall Dunkelberg
    From: Hercules, Richelieu and Nostradamus
    Publisher: Green Integer, Los Angeles, 2000