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  • FitterTerriFitterTerri Member Posts: 101 Member Member Posts: 101 Member
    Thank you. What a great list. Will start reading now...
  • jenk7356jenk7356 Member, Premium Posts: 43 Member Member, Premium Posts: 43 Member
  • Hollywoodm55Hollywoodm55 Member Posts: 189 Member Member Posts: 189 Member
  • NesiaAmadorNesiaAmador Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    Is anybody using workout programs??
  • stephaniefitenistephaniefiteni Member Posts: 48 Member Member Posts: 48 Member
    Carb Strategy's was interesting
  • stephaniefitenistephaniefiteni Member Posts: 48 Member Member Posts: 48 Member
    Just read no carbs after a certain time, I don't think this works. Ive tried this eating the same amount of carbs on different times and I personally think that carb timing without training is just a load of crap, also consuming no carbs before your workout isn't always the best way to train, if your going to eat a certain amount of carbs per day AND train I think its more beneficial to consume some of them before training for extra energy levels/etc.
  • stephaniefitenistephaniefiteni Member Posts: 48 Member Member Posts: 48 Member
    weight training*
    cardio won't do much its more alongside of lowering the number on the scale.
    added weighted carbs and targeted specific areas work a lot better needless to say you're burning calories whilst doing so anyway.
    gaining muscle overall tends to bump up the number of calories your body burns per day whilst doing nothing - on rest.

    E.g. back arm fat: tri exercises
  • amylillianamylillian Member, Premium Posts: 27 Member Member, Premium Posts: 27 Member
    I love all of this! I had been struggling with getting in shape because I am TERRIBLE at cardio, which I thought for a long time was the only way to get thin. I'm glad that people are trying to educate women to strength train.

    Does anyone have a beginning strength training routine/schedule?? I need to get started, but I don't want to push myself too far at the beginning. Is three days a week good to start with?
  • amysj303amysj303 Member Posts: 5,085 Member Member Posts: 5,085 Member
    Hey, Amy, I am Amy too! I would check out, they have some great ones. I liked Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer.
    I think 3 strength training sessions each week would be enough.
  • Elvirka_xoxoElvirka_xoxo Member Posts: 58 Member Member Posts: 58 Member
    These are some awesome websites, thanks! Have anyone done any of the Bodyrock challenges? Looks like they already started their 21 day challenge but I'm gonna try their 7 day routine.
  • jamerz1482jamerz1482 Member Posts: 15 Member Posts: 15
    Interesting. Didn't know that. Thanks for the link about this.
  • michclar2michclar2 Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    Hi just joined my fitness pal and finding it ace to do. Did weight watchers on line but it does not have the wii as exercise on.
  • imetsmgimetsmg Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
    Check out for info and online coaching
  • TatumhopTatumhop Member Posts: 19 Member Member Posts: 19 Member
    kelseyhere wrote: »

    for a look at the difference between a cardio queen at 117 and a powerlifter at 142.

    this is a fantastic article! thank you for posting. definitely a must read for girls "just trying to lose that last five pounds." it's not always the number the the scale. this girl is a weight that some might think sounds "heavy" but she looks awesome!

    Agreed! Great article! I cannot tell you how many of my friends avoid the weight-room because they are afraid of getting "bulky".
  • MontanaMoon1MontanaMoon1 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
  • vrojapuvrojapu Member Posts: 268 Member Member Posts: 268 Member
  • preiman4preiman4 Member, Premium Posts: 17 Member Member, Premium Posts: 17 Member
    How do join
  • wrinkadoodle4wrinkadoodle4 Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    thanks for the info
  • Starflight00Starflight00 Member Posts: 112 Member Member Posts: 112 Member
    Posted on my wall, but thought you all would like to read it as well. Very technical, but incredibly interesting article (with links to some equally great studies and resources):
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