Just the Basics: July: Week 1 (7/1-7/7)



  • nvmomketo
    nvmomketo Posts: 12,019 Member
    SW 190
    CW 157ish
    Aiming for back to low 150ish by August.

    Hoping to log more often.
    Skip the summer goodies.
    Keep carbs lower to avoid carb cravings.
  • LCChris2016
    LCChris2016 Posts: 22 Member
    Day 2 for me,had a migraine yesterday so sort of caught up on sleep, no walking but heading out this am for one:) Need my HWC!
  • elize7
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    Happy Fourth to all my pals!

    Spot on for yesterday foodwise, logging, house and home, artwork... yay!

    •Activity was not attended to.
    •Haven't purchased new scale yet. (Almost feel afraid not having one...wonder what that's about... still doing well on my food plan though.)
    •holiday weekend so no job search today.

    No socials or BBQs planned, so hopefully that will keep the eating piece safe.

    Plan to work on a big home organizing project today. Might take all day, so I'm just going to pace myself and get ready to be amazed when it's done.

    But first, coffee...bullet proof - of course.

  • 60to35
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    I need to restart. Coming off a bad week

    Goal is to get to 140 pounds by August 1. If I don't weigh myself regularly I get too far off track.

    Keep carbs at 20g except for a carb up meal every 3rd day- I discovered I needed to add some carbs every 3rd to 4th day after 3 months of doing LCHF. Just some fruit or a sweet potato.

    Keep up with weights and running. 3 days of rest = being lazy.

    Keep up with the keto lemonade and water.
  • macchiatto
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    Scale is up to 137.6 this morning! (Maintenance range is 129-133 and when I get to the upper 130's I generally have to go up a size.) I guess the trip was worse than I thought. :/

    Back to basics now for serious!!
  • Carnivorekat
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    day 4 of zero carbs and just keep feeling better and better

    <5g carbs - still achieving this, in fact have got it to my lowest yet at 1!!!! obviously these are only coming from meat products so not bothered by them as classing under 5g as zero carbs.

    <2020 cals - still way under and not hungry at all

    >2 litres of water - I have stopped drinking coffee and only occasionally having an Earl Grey Tea so the rest of what I am drinking is water and so far I am still achieving 2.5litres of water plus 1 or 2 cups of Earl Grey so probably adds up to about 3 litres or more of fluid

    30 mins exercise per day - I haven't managed this one yet, but this will definitely be added in

    Log everyday - so far so good, not forgot to log anything yet

    Have even got my son half on board too - he still has a few carbs which he just can't quite give up but is embracing his Carnivore side with me so hoping it will all rub off on him, its so much easier cooking the same for both of us with only a few minor tweeks for him
  • anglyn1
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    I'm in!

    Goals this month, not all diet related:
    No more than 30-50 total carbs daily
    Exercise 4x a week at least
    Try a couple new recipes
    Make an effort to get up a little earlier
    Organize my house better
  • JenHul
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    Daily Goals:DAY 2
    1) Get 12000 steps a day (fitbit)✅
    2) all food logged, no" guesstimates" lol✅
    3) carbs 73g Fat 89g Protein 91g or keep my Macro close to this (20%/55%/25%)❌
    4) Stay under 1450 Cals❌
    5) 1895 ml of water (8 glasses a day)✅
    Second day 3 out of 5 again, just different ones lol
  • BrandyeTaylor
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    Take meds faithfully
    Stay under 15g of Net Carbs
    Stay under 10g of Sugar
    Drink a gallon of water daily

    I took my meds today. I sometimes forget my evening Metformin so my goal is to not do that! Lol!
    I had a total of 10g of Net Carbs today!!
    I had a total of 6g of Sugar!
    And water I got in probably 64 oz. Will be starting the gallon challenge tomorrow!
  • saltysailors
    saltysailors Posts: 101 Member
    July goals for my are:
    Keep carbs >30
    Calories 1300
    Stay consistent with logging everyday, including licks, tastes, and bites
    Weigh my food for more accurate tracking
    Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day
    Take measurements every week
    Stay focused on the process and don't worry about the rest.
    Don't compare myself to anyone else and remember everyone's body responds differently
    No booze!!!
    I might try to switch out some of my dairy for other fats
    Start an exercise plan

    Basics so far for July 1-4th:
    Carbs under 30g-yes
    Electrolytes and vitamins-no

    Went to a pool party and potluck today and stayed on point with my low carb eating. Although I might have underestimated the quantities and may have eaten too many calories, I'm sure I still managed to keep my carbs low. I'm really proud of myself for not even tasting the sweets. Another birthday cake (with cream cheese frosting), cookies and brownies...but I know cream cheese frosting is a trigger food for me, so not even a taste or lick.
  • Phrick
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    edited July 2016
    Check-in for July 4:

    SW for July: 146.4

    CW: 145.2
    GW: 140

    My Basics:
    1) all meds taken ✅
    2) all food logged, even the licks, bites, tastes, and random stuff I have to guess at ✅
    3) carbs under 75 total; shooting for 35 net max :disappointed: 77g total. Squeaked in with the net at 33 though :D
    4) Movement/exercise: running, gym time, or just hitting steps goal ✅
    5) Enough fluids (and electrolytes, especially potassium) ✅
  • ZarrusSkye
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    So here's today's update! The Fourth is actually one of the better holidays for me - it's easier to eat nothing but smoked sausages and steak and not have anyone try to push baked goods on me. So I was able to stay in ketosis throughout the weekend.

    SW: 213
    CW: 209
    GW: 180

    1. Only went above 40 carbs once in the last three days; yesterday I was up to 43 :-O
    2. I was able to exercise twice in the past three days, and I'm heading to the gym in a few minutes.
    3. I stayed below 1600 kCals except yesterday, where I ate maintenance
    4. It's been rough trying to hydrate as much as I should. I'm probably still at 50-60 oz rather than 100 oz.
    5. I haven't meditated. At all. Taking time to be alone by myself is difficult for me, but I'm going to start doing so because I know I need it.

    So how's everybody else doing?
  • tishsmith101
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    July daily and end of month goals:

    Vitamins every day, not just weekdays
    Increase my water
    Keep carbs below 80
    Keep calories at or below 1500
    Bump up my activity level
    Better meal planning
    Check measurements 7/31

    7/1-7/4 met most but not all. Room for lots of improvement.
  • LCChris2016
    LCChris2016 Posts: 22 Member
    Day 3 for me:) Ate way to much yesterday!Stayed on plan except gave into the temptation of Resses Oreos...OMG!Glad they are gone! Back to IF this morning. Must do some HIIT today.
  • slimzandra
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    July 5th. Weird, seems like it was just the first. These long weekends make time fly by.
    Had a happy 4th weekend. The only misstep was I watched the extended Epic version of the Godfather, They eat during the whole movie.. I ended up making angel hair pasta with hot Italian sausage, diced tomatoes, artichoke hearts and black olives for dinner. It's been a long time since I ate pasta like that. Carb overload. Other than that one meal I was pretty steady.

    Goals for this week.
    Keep carbs >30
    Calories 1200
    Plan No alcohol this week.
    Get in 30 mins a day of exercise.
  • Tara4boys
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    My first time posting the Basics...

    SW: 200
    CW: 194
    GW#1: 150
    GW#2: 135???

    1) Meet calorie goal (usually around 1700)
    2) Drink 64oz water
    3) Strength train 3x this week (this is new goal - I already walk around 13k steps per day)
    4) Carbs at <15%
    5) NO cheats this week - I gave myself some leeway this weekend, but need to make-up for it by being on point the rest of the week
  • toadqueen
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    I've been away for a while. 50 lbs later...

    SW: 198.6
    CW: 196.8
    GW: 120

    Mini Goals
    1. Eat enough food
    2. Eat less than 20g of carbs per day
    3. Reduce glucose levels
    4. Drink 96oz water per day
    5. Walk 3x's per week
    6. Log food daily