turkish get-up . . . your own favourite non-standard warmups/accessories.

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truth is, i'm starting this thread because i have such a huge crush on the turkish getup and the waiter carry. like you do when you have a crush, i've been hunting content all weekend in between doing them, and just want an excuse to bend people's ears about them. so here's a link to my favourite info page at this point. the clip in this one has great 3-d camera angles that show all the 'lines' and 'geometry' that help with the getup, and that gu-carry-swing combination has got me going 'that's my new warmup routine!'


  • Ariadnula
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    I haven't done Turkish get ups in a while, but you've got me wanting to try again! I used to do them where I was more into kettlebells, and have just fallen out of the way of it. I shall try again soon! I'll have to investigate a waiter's carry...
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    forgot to mention i also meant the thread to be a place where anyone else with a current crush on some 'extra' exercise of their own could come and share too.
  • andylllI
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    For warm ups I tend to just do some active mobility stuff and then start with a weight progression to work sets.

    If I do Turkish get ups I do them at the end. I also like renegade rows with push-ups interspersed. For me those kinds of things are more "serious lifting is out of the way let's try to swrat and get maybe some hypertrophy now"
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    Turkish get-ups are awesome. As with a lot of awesome stuff, I don't do them nearly often enough.