Newbies to Bariatric Surgery

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Hi! I had RNY on 5/19/16 and would love to connect with some like minds and situations for motivation and encouragement. I'm down 29lb in 6 weeks.


  • klcovington
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    Hi! Welcome and congrats on the loss so far!!
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    Hi there! Had RNY on 5/2/16! Welcome!
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    Hello and welcome! :smiley:
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    Welcome! This is a great group - you'll get tons of support here. :smile:
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    Hello! I had my RNY 3/3/16. Welcome to this awesome group. I'm always looking for new friends, so feel free to add me if you'd like :smile:
  • Keikix3
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    Hello everyone, I've had a sleeve done June 21 and am doing really well with it, except I have not figured out how much I can really fit in and have had a few episodes of food backing up (I guess that's what it is). I don't throw up, but it is uncomfortable. Any hints how to tell this is going to happen before it happens?? Thanks so much. I am enjoying reading and meeting you too. You have a ton of information to share!
  • NicoleL874
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    @Keikix3 Eat more slowly. You should feel the restriction if you are taking 15 - 20 minutes to eat. Right now, measure your foods too. Always measure and weigh. That way you know you can't take too much because it's all set for you. Start low. If you eat it all and feel no restriction, wait 10 minutes and have a little more.
  • Keikix3
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    Thanks Nicole, I think I am forgetting to eat and drink slowly. Its really hard to break old eating styles I am finding, and maybe that is why I am have this issue! I do measure the foods, but at this point it seems like a very fine line between enough and just a little bit more that causes this feeling of food backing up. So far I don't seem to know what the restriction feels like, I must be passing that stage somehow.
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    Hi! I had the Gastric Sleeve on 5-31-16 and am just over 5 weeks out. My health is definitely improving..I am off all blood pressure meds since week one, and I have been on them for 10 years. I am down 37 lbs and am enjoying that also. I can't say I'm to the point where I'm sooo glad I did this, but I am getting there day by day. I had researched this and talked to friends/cousins that had the same surgery for the past four years and then I decided to just do it! From what I hear, a day will come when I'm completely happy with my decision and have no regrets, but I'm waiting patiently on that. :) I think my struggle is definitely more mental and has a lot to do with missing my old eating habits and old foods! When I start to miss those, I remind myself that I did this to be a healthier more active mom, wife, daughter, etc... would love to have more wls friends...feel free to add me!
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    Hi there! I had my RNY Gastric Bypass on February 10, 2015. Welcome!
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    Hello everyone! I had my lap band surgery on July 6th 2016. So far so good!! I would love to have more wls friends so feel free to add me!
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    Hi! I had RNY on 5/19/16 and would love to connect with some like minds and situations for motivation and encouragement. I'm down 29lb in 6 weeks.

    Well done. I've had my sleave in April 2016. About 3stone off... but my scale kinda broke and i just keep measuring myself once a month or so
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    Hi There...I just had mine on June 7, 2016. I'm so happy to find others on myfitnesspal that have gone through the same thing!!! :-)
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    So glad to find that I'm not alone. I had the sleeve done on July 6, 2016 and ask myself why?? I didn't think it would be this hard. I ended back at the ER because of dehydration and a port infection. Today is actually one of my best days so fur. I'm having such a hard time sipping on things. It hurts so bad. I'm barely getting 1 shake down a day. And I see food and want it, I believe its more mind over matter since I can barely drink never mind eating something.
  • Keikix3
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    Please be in touch with your surgeon, I don't think it should be hurting you this much. Try thinning the shakes if you are using ready made, I found them impossible to drink at first. I had my sleeve 6/21 and also got dehydrated. I found jello, popsicles and iced tea were the easiest to get down the first week or so. Let us hear how you are doing, ok?
  • Rocshae
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    Hello, I am having VSG on 07/26/2016 and would love to have support from MFP friends. I have been reading several of the forums and unfortunately several of them have very negative views on WLS. I was hoping for more positive as I am having a lot of anxiety leading up to the surgery. Any help and/or advice would be very much appreciated.
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    Hi! I'm going through the 3 month medically managed weight loss required by my insurance in preparation of VSG surgery in October/November. I joined to see long term success stories and prepare myself for life after surgery. Any and all advice is more than welcome!
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    @Rocshae and @NoMinimom Welcome! You've found the right place. We've all been in your shoes. This group is the best. Read through old threads, and ask questions. A wealth of information!

    Good luck!
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    Hi everyone I had my surgeries Jan 26th 2016. I had a hernia repaired, gallbladder removed and the sleeve.I have my 6th month followup coming up on July 25th. It is nice to see some new people on the site.