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So I'm resetting the macro nutrition, can anyone please tell me the percentage for protein, fats, carbs?
Thank you


  • JamesAztec
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    There are different schools of thought on how much of each you should be getting. The dieticians/doctors (as well as my own research) don't really recommend percentages. If you've had bariatric surgery you should definitely try to get your protein in first 70-80 grams minimum. Limit the "bad" carbs and stick to "healthy" fats as much as possible. That's pretty much the approach I've had.
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    It also depends on your approach to eating. There are macro calculators online that can help you figure yours based on your goals.
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  • mzchevious
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    I wanted to double check the percentages because on mfp asks for the percentage for those 3
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    Personally, I'm at 50% protein, 40%fat, 10%carbs. I hardly ever get my 138g protein, but I try to hit at minimum 80-100g. I do try to keep the carbs under 30, and don't force myself to eat fat, of course.
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    Thank you
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    My Dr said to set the calories to 1100 for maintenance and use the recommended %ages. He does not believe in the high protein amounts many bariatric programs prescribe to. His prefers plant based and high fiber, with thoughtful choices of protein. One reason I went to him. I tried South Beach and it did not work. And I'm not a huge meat eater.
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    I have mine set like "anbrdr" - 50% protein, 40% fat, 10% works for me. I'm at goal, so I eat a little more carbs now, but not much...
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    I have mine set specifically by grams. For me, it's worth it to be able to set by specific grams, which is how my doctors, dietitian, and trainer have them set. I use baseline macros with exercise add-backs, which allow me to have variable training days. Baseline is 1,145kc, 35c, 105p, 65f. My add-backs are by percentage of my exercise calories earned: 15%c, 30%p, 55%f. Since I'm still losing, I don't eat back all of my allowed fat.
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    Thank you, I have an appointment tomorrow so fingers crossed they can help me more