Where is Everyone From, and What Team Did You Pick?

So I just started this little road to madness yesterday, but I'm super eager to meet everyone who's playing and who is benefiting from having this little app in their life. It's better than any distance tracker I've met so far, and gives real (to those who game) incentives to get up and get out.

I'm from Upstate New York (Alleghany County) and signed up with Team Mystic (Blue Team, I just like Blue). How about everyone else?


  • FloraJL
    FloraJL Posts: 121 Member
    I'm from Fairfax, VA (just outside of Washington DC).

    The app hasn't worked well enough for me yet to get to join a team (yes, it's that glitchy for me so far), but my starting Pokemon is Bulbasaur.
  • TenshiDuck
    TenshiDuck Posts: 5 Member
    I was out hunting last evening with my stepdaughter for about an hour! I haven't chosen a team yet...

    We live in central PA (near Penn State). TONS of pokestops on campus. We're going to go exploring down there next!
  • LunariusHaberdash
    LunariusHaberdash Posts: 44 Member
    Hey hey! Welcome aboard folks! FloraJL, you and I both chose the same starting pokemon. :smiley:
  • Doug_T
    Doug_T Posts: 148 Member
    Winter garden florida. Im on red team ( valor)
  • MissNicolioli
    MissNicolioli Posts: 34 Member
    I'm in Minneapolis, on the yellow team! Love this game already!
  • LunariusHaberdash
    LunariusHaberdash Posts: 44 Member
    I went out on a terrible adventure last night, terrible indeed. But I brought home a bunch of new pokemon, including a new Gloom. We kept being teased by Cloysters and Squirtle on the freeway home (Two of us were playing, the third driving) to the point we pulled over on the side of the highway and went walking trying to find the Squirtle.

    It lead us right into a no service zone, and then the servers died. *rages* It was a good time though.
  • Mr_Tordek
    Mr_Tordek Posts: 2 Member
    Hi! I'm from Central California and on the yellow team. The first day I ran into at least 5 others who were walking through the neighborhood doing the exact same thing! Kids and Adults are getting really into it. In the last few days I've walked at least 5 more miles than I would have otherwise.
  • SyllyReth
    SyllyReth Posts: 59 Member
    I am from Indiana and I've gone for team Valor. Met a LOT of wonderful, wonderful people from all the teams though. It's been great to talk to people while we're all out doing the same thing.
  • LunariusHaberdash
    LunariusHaberdash Posts: 44 Member
    So far I'm appreciating the friendly rivalry between the three groups, and the great things it's doing not just for my fitness, but peoples mental health and physical activity.
  • m_johannes
    m_johannes Posts: 72 Member
    Kansas City, MO - Team Valor, reporting in! I just downloaded the app last night and I'm obsessed. Took about a 2.5 mile walk this morning to hit a few Pokéstops and catch some more dang Pokémon.
  • bgermain17
    bgermain17 Posts: 7 Member
    Hey All! I'm from Chicago, IL and I'm team Mystic! I can't stop catching Pokemon!
    Woke up on a Sunday that I normally would have stayed in bed and ended up walking for 3 hours! This app is so much fun!
  • TheBigLeMeowski
    TheBigLeMeowski Posts: 13 Member
    Hi there! I'm from Kentucky and I'm team Mystic. Saturday was an 8 mile long journey all round town catching Pokémon and battling at gyms. Yesterday I went out of town with a friend to see what else we could find. We ended up walking 4 miles there and found a bunch of new Pokémon! I like walking but my husband never goes with me. I don't feel safe going alone, but thanks to Pokémon Go, downtown is always full of people and I've made new friends. We're going out in hopes of hatching some 10Km eggs today! Happy hunting all!!
  • HeatherRyann
    HeatherRyann Posts: 36 Member
    I'm in Las Vegas. Haven't picked a team yet.
  • IndigoInsight
    IndigoInsight Posts: 1 Member
    Team Mystic here! I live in small-town Wisconsin. Luckily we have about ten pokestops and 3 gyms. I walked about 4 miles between two days catching pokemon. Though it seems like all there really are is pidgeys, weedles, and rattatas in my town. I've been teased twice by poliwags and goldeens but no luck yet. Starter was charmander!
  • xxxTiaxxx
    xxxTiaxxx Posts: 307 Member
    The name's Tia and I'm team Valor from Melbourne Australia.

    I feel like I've benefited heaps from this. I don't think I've sat down properly in almost a week. I was struggling to do 10k steps a day and lately I've been getting to 20k. I've also met people and think it's cool how people are out there helping eachother find a Pokemon lol. It's still surprising to me that it's so intense. I went out to the beach 5 minutes away from me thinking it would be bare but instead at 12am (on a monday night) there were 50 people there in the middle of winter fighting at the gym.
  • LunariusHaberdash
    LunariusHaberdash Posts: 44 Member
    It really is amazing how much this is helping everybody, it's a lot of very simple, very entertaining fun though isn't it?

    Great to see you all!

    I still have to get out for my nightly pokehunt, trying to pin down more ghost types, there was a koffing near my pokestop last night!
  • Owlie45
    Owlie45 Posts: 806 Member
    Team yellow from Washington State.
    Where I live in town there's really nothing, but in the places that I work I find all sorts of cool ones. If only I could find exactly where they are. My friends upset because she hasn't been able to find pikachu but me and her boyfriend have.

    Not sure about my steps. I'm going to go get a fitbit tomorrow to see how I'm doing.
    I can't wait to see where this fun app will go.
  • guinevere96
    guinevere96 Posts: 1,445 Member
    edited July 2016
    Team Instinct/Yellow here, South Florida! Everyone and their mother around here is team Mystic so Its nice not to be so isolated lol. Honestly this is probably the best thing to happen to my fitness regimen in years, Ive walked 6 miles in the past two days for the sake of Pokémon.

    Id love to have some friends on here who play! Feel free to shoot me a request or PM anyone.
  • BethAnnieT
    BethAnnieT Posts: 263 Member
    New Mexico here, and my daughter picked Team Blue for us -- she's 10 and we are sharing my phone for this game. :) What I really like about this app is that I am thinking not just of "when can I go for a walk" but now it's "WHERE can I go for a walk?" Thinking of taking her to the local university campus this weekend for a Pokemon Go sesh.
  • MommysLittleMeatball
    MommysLittleMeatball Posts: 2,064 Member
    Hello, I'm in Florida. Just reached level 11, Team Valor/Red! For crashing, I found closing and reloading app frequently helps. Although, some places (like my work building - it's a small one story) the GPS doesn't work well. I've had my phone sitting on my desk and watched my character walk around, sadly, it hasn't worked to my advantage.