Howdy! Just got out of the hospital at 301

ktkruszka Posts: 11 Member
Hi. Just got the sleeve done and am finally home! What to know how MFP Is helping y'all with food inputs and your success! I just want to get to regular store clothes! TIA!!!


  • cabennett99
    cabennett99 Posts: 357 Member
    Welcome to the other side!
  • Mandy_1982
    Mandy_1982 Posts: 160 Member
    Good luck! I have some questions... How long was your hospital stay? How long did your surgery take? How are you feeling now that you're home? :)
  • ktkruszka
    ktkruszka Posts: 11 Member
    I was only in the hospital one night. Surgery was about 2 hours, but I had a hiatal hernia fixed too. I'm feeling better here at home, but cooped up as I can't get out and drive for 2 weeks. I live in a not too nice area of Houston, so between the weather and my safety, I can't quite 'go for a stroll' so I rely on my Dad to take me to the mall. We find unpopulated (aka no stores) inlets and that's where I walk. I just quit the ongoing taking of the painkiller today and will take it as needed. The worst part after surgery is breathing in again....deep breathing....but it's so necessary.