How do you treat...



  • aserrano79
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    I have been having frozen pickle juice. Something about it being super cold. But Popsicles have always been my go to for an upset stomach. Oh and diet ginger ale. Hope you feel better.
  • kpk54
    kpk54 Posts: 4,474 Member
    I'd probably eat a couple of saltines and not worry about the carbs. But that's me.
  • LauraCoth
    LauraCoth Posts: 303 Member
    My ACV didn't work for my extreme heartburn today, but a tablespoon of high-fat (11%) Greek yogurt did the trick.
  • Cheesy567
    Cheesy567 Posts: 1,186 Member
    Homemade broth

    But, I second the couple saltines if that's what usually works. The stress of feeling ill isn't good, either.
  • LowCarbInScotland
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    Miso soup is my go-to food when I'm nauseous or have an upset tummy.
  • Sunny_Bunny_
    Sunny_Bunny_ Posts: 7,141 Member
    Saltines may work, they have sodium and carbs so it would appear to help even if sodium is the issue.
    But, you could likely fix the problem without resorting to going off plan...
    Broth, pickles and/or their juice, olives, salted water, anything very salty. There's lots of options.
    Unless you're coming down with something, sodium is the most likely explanation. And even then, the idea that chicken soup makes you better isn't a coincidence. It's full of sodium...
  • anewlifeat40
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    Club soda settles my tummy...
  • tcunbeliever
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  • Cyndi146
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    The reason I doubt it's Keto flu is that I'm very familiar with this feeling and knew exactly what brought it on (lack of sleep). I don't really suffer any Keto flu symptoms. I drink a TON of water and when I was adding too much sodium to my diet, noticed that I actually started retaining water. Bouillon a couple times a week seems to keep me even. And if I start getting a headache, that's usually what I add first.

    So last night, I had some chicken and a cup of tea and called it a day. Got over 8 hrs sleep last night and feeling back to myself. Thanks for all the great ideas though. Will keep them in mind for next time.