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Caesar dressing

805_blondie805_blondie Posts: 96Member Member Posts: 96Member Member
I personally don't like anchovy so I omit that part, but this dressing is wonderful! I'm a huge fan of Caesar. In place on croutons, I use Parmesan crisps I get from Costco, add a whole avocado to the salad, some shaved Parmesan and a couple ounces of marinaded chicken. I love this salad!


  • MichaelfromNE1MichaelfromNE1 Posts: 16Member Member Posts: 16Member Member
    I like this recipe. I use egg beaters instead of raw egg ( pasteurized whites) rather than mayo . Pure extra virgin olive oil . The rest is the same. Be careful with the cheese it adds up on the calories. A little goes a long way. This makes a nice light dressing. Better then store bought!
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