Roll Call

Since I'm new here, I thought it would be fun to see where everyone is from & how long each person has been living low carb. Sorry if this has been done tons.

I'm from Minnesota USA, on my 1st week.

And you?


  • Sunny_Bunny_
    Sunny_Bunny_ Posts: 7,140 Member
    Hello! Welcome to the group!

    Cincinnati Ohio USA
    17 months keto.
  • Shadowmf023
    Shadowmf023 Posts: 812 Member
    I'm from South Africa. Been doing keto for 2ish months. :smile:
  • H3R2SS
    H3R2SS Posts: 2 Member
    From Virginia week 5 of keto / low carb B)
  • kdz0444
    kdz0444 Posts: 143 Member
    Hi! Texas here. Been doing low carb for 2 weeks now.
  • BaconSan2
    BaconSan2 Posts: 260 Member
    On an island near Vancouver BC - LCHF 68 Days
  • suzqtme
    suzqtme Posts: 322 Member
    edited September 2016
    Wisconsin. Decreased carbs around 6 months, low carb (under 50) about 3-1/2 months, keto about 2-1/2 months.
  • LowCarbInScotland
    LowCarbInScotland Posts: 1,027 Member
    Scotland here, grew up in the US though. Been low carbin' for about 10 years since diagnosed as T2 diabetic, but it was never consistent until I went ketogenic 9 months ago, at which point my life changed in the most positive way ever!
  • eneild
    eneild Posts: 198 Member

    I'm from Minnesota as well.
    Keto (usually less than 5g/day) for 18 months.
  • daylitemag
    daylitemag Posts: 604 Member
    Ontario Canada. Been low carb (mostly keto level) since last October. Down approx 93 lbs.
  • Catawampous
    Catawampous Posts: 447 Member
    Florida! The sweaty state ;)

    Uhmm ... I am going "lower" carb for right now. It's been an adjustment for me getting things set. I will be interested to see when I get myself straight where it all leads :)
  • nvmomketo
    nvmomketo Posts: 12,019 Member
    Welcome to the group. :)

    Alberta, Canada
    I've been mostly keto levels of LCHF for about a year and a half. I lost about 40lbs doing it but some crept back on so I'm probably closer to 30lbs down.

    FIT_Goat wrote: »
    ...The next step will be to create a machine that sucks carbs out of my body. LOL, negative carbs each day.

    LOL I want that for my night-time gluconeogenesis. That would be a great dawn phenomenon killer.
  • supergal3
    supergal3 Posts: 523 Member
    South Carolina & Virginia. Been under 50 grams (sometimes less than 25 grams) for 3 months.
  • ambergem1969
    ambergem1969 Posts: 224 Member
    Ottawa Ontario Canada - 15 months keto
  • moonlights
    moonlights Posts: 141 Member
    Hi! I'm near London UK and I'm on day 41 of Keto, but have previously done Atkins and other low carb diets for up to a year at a stretch. I've been in and off for 8 years or so. Planning to stick with it this time!
  • MyriiStorm
    MyriiStorm Posts: 609 Member
    Suburbs of Washington, DC, and I've been LCHF for about four months. Welcome!
  • gdaydreamer
    gdaydreamer Posts: 56 Member
    North Carolina, and 41 days.... pales in comparison to some of the long timers here, but I will be able to say more impressive numbers soon :persevere:
  • jassnip
    jassnip Posts: 116 Member
    Oregon, USA
    Keto for 6+ weeks
  • RowdysLady
    RowdysLady Posts: 1,370 Member
    I'm in East Texas by way of Louisiana, New Hampshire, Alabama, Tennessee then Illinois. I plan to die here on the Ranch though; no more moving.

    I've been Keto since Early April.
  • kpk54
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    Dontcha know this is a great place? You Betcha! Welcome!

    North Carolina, 32 years via Pennsylvania, 30 years.

    MFP for for about 3.5 years for weight loss and maintenance including
    Currently LC/HF 5.5 months for neurological movement disorder and easier maintenance.