September 2016 Move Your @ss Challenge



  • 2essie
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    edited September 2016
    2.27 miles yesterday
    4.26 miles today
    Total 6.53 back to clepant please
  • cpanus
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    Walked w/DH and Bean this morning. It was a beautiful morning and a hot, hot afternoon! Plenty of sunshine!

    09/25 - 7.25 miles
    09/26 - 7.26 miles


    Hope everyone has a fun Tuesday!

  • anaconda469
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    09/22 - 18.0 miles hamster wheel
    09/23 - 01.0 miles walking
    09/24 - 20.0 miles hamster wheel
    09/25 - 16.0 miles cycling
    09/26 - 05.0 miles walking

    Total: 314.0 miles


  • Hungry_Annie
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    1.56 miles on the treadmill

    Gotta get moving!!


  • vhuber
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    2 miles on treadmill at 4:30 this morning-- work-- cleaned for my bachelor friend-- then 2 miles jogging outside with my 2 fur babies before it got dark!

  • clepant
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    edited September 2016
    Sept. 25: Adding 10 miles today. 6 walking and 4 cycling
    TTD: 373.18 miles


    @vhuber: Thanks so much for your suggestion. I started taking Tumeric 6 months ago. It actually has taken away all of my knee pain from my surgery two years ago and I no longer tape it or wear a stabilizer strap. I definitely advocate it too.
    When I went to the podiatrist, his technician said you have a huge heel spur and they neve go away. That heel spur has been there since 2003 when I had severe plantar fasciitis. I laughed at her and told her to look at my last X-ray they took back then. It actually looked worse. There is some arthritis in my heel and it is aggravating my tendons. Yep, they want orthotics. I already wear Curtex in my shoes but they are pushing new balance. I will try them but as you said they did not help the last time. While I have some issues at the PT attachment, I am still thinking tendons as it has been improving with rest, stretching and rolling. I do not have the typical gwt out of bed, or get up from sitting pain. Time will tell but it seems what I am doing has been working. Thanks again for your suggestion. I have been trying to get a neighbor to take it. He is struggling with walking and so depressed because of it.
  • postolache
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    9/14/2016	10.83	km
    9/15/2016	2.83	km
    9/16/2016	2.44	km
    9/17/2016	3.65	km
    9/18/2016	4.28	km
    9/20/2016	1.94	km
    9/21/2016	4.72	km
    9/22/2016	2.84	km
    9/23/2016	10.04	km
    9/24/2016	3.72	km
    9/25/2016	7.93	km
    9/26/2016	2.68	km
    Total	116.29	km
    Goal	100.00	km
  • Leanz
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    22 Sep 6.2 miles
    23 Sep 3.5 miles
    24 Sep1.3 miles
    25 Sep 5.3 miles
    26 Sep 6.2 miles
    27 Sep 6.8 miles

    MTD 189.5 miles
  • queenegreene
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    9/25 and 9/26- 6.91 miles walking
    Total to date - 130.12 of 135
  • taxmom9093
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    Taught my first tax class with live students yesterday. (Everything up to now has been my training or train the trainer sessions). I was little too eager, I messed up my time zone conversions and showed up an hour too early. :) It did give me an extra hour to take a walk and get some nervous energy out before spending 2 hours online with my students.

    Added 6.5 miles walking for a September total of 98.25 miles. Getting closer, but so is the end of the month. :o


  • kar328
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    2.5 mile walk


  • wanderan
    wanderan Posts: 1,369 Member
    adding 5.5 miles

    161.5 of 150
  • lamlamsmakeover
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  • darkrider42
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    See (but not edit) the
    spreadsheet here:

    Now making GOAL are @WANDERAN, @LOVEMYALEX, @LAMLAM2013 and @POSTOLACHE!!! :grin:

    @VHUBER - I have the Fitbit Blaze too and it doesn't seem any different than the Charge or the Force that I had prior to this. My guess is that you need to go into your profile online and adjust your stride length as that will cause the distance to be off. It's not GPS. It takes your stride length from your profile and multiplies it times the number of steps you take. Even if you get that set accurately with your average stride length for running and walking (there are separate values you can enter) there will still be variations from day to day on the same course because some days you will run faster or slower than others and take more or fewer steps.

    Sorry for the lack of an update yesterday! I had to take my youngest in to see the doctor because he seems to have somehow contracted mono.... :grimace: and then I had two other afternoon appointments and then, being the good boyfriend I am, I accompanied my girlfriend to an advanced screening of a movie her store was doing a cross-promotion with. The movie is called "The Dressmaker" and stars Kate Winslet, Liam Hemsworth and Judy Davis. It was surprisingly good! Many funny moments as well! And I may have laughed a little too hard at my own joke when on the way in as they took our tickets, I asked if I would need the 3D glasses.... :lol: Anyway, you may enjoy it.

    Coming up on the end of the month soon...time to finish strong!! I got another 6.4 bonus miles in on the exercise bike at the gym this morning!! And I was also pleased that when I checked my gym account, it showed that I already had 16 visits this month meaning I get my $20 monthly credit from my health insurance for making at least 12 visits! WooHoo! It's been a while since I've gotten that. :blush:

  • sussexbythesea
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    A good weekend meajnfi now have ttd of 72.5 miles. If anyone else is injured I am happy to donate miles.
  • Time2LoseWeightNOW
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    5 miles walked/bicycled
    60 miles total

    15 miles left
    towards a 75 mile September Goal !
  • GrandmaJackie
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    9/22 9 miles
    9/23 7.25 miles
    9/24 7.50 miles
    9/25 5 miles
    9/26 8.75 + 20 miles

    As of 9/26 271.25 miles of 200 miles

  • darkrider42
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    Another quick spreadsheet update...nice job making GOAL, @SUSSEXBYTHESEA!!! :drinker:

  • belle_74
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    ... another 2 miles to go to hit my target for the month!


  • Tazzythatsme
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    9 miles
    MTD 51 miles
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