Oh Stevia, We may neex to part...

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I drink coffee...I mean I DRINK COFFEE, it helps me not eat when I'm bored. Sometimes over 6 cups a day. With every cup, there is @ 2tbsp of HWC and liquid Stevia (the walmart brand, in a green little squirt bottle). I cant tell you how much I use, but I use a lot. I know with keto your weight loss slows, but mine has come to a complete hault. I admit, I have had some slip ups recently as many of you know BUT I wasent drinking coffee like I am now. Do you think its because so much hwc, or can Stevia be doing this? Thanks in advance !!


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    I'm unsure. I drink just as much coffee and tea. Also all sweetened with stevia. It hasn't affected mine when I was still losing.
  • Shadowmf023
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    Might be the hwc?
  • KetoLady86
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    Thanks Shadow- I was thinking maybe the cream too...I would hate to lose it
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    That being said, if you can dial it back, starting maybe just less than 2 TBSP...like don't fill the second one to the rim...then slowly use less each day, get back to 1.5 TBSP per cup or 1 TBSP - that would cut the extra calories in half. Also, consider switching to butter. It is less likely to trigger the insulin reaction (ending any fasting benefits you'd be getting), due to removal of the whey in whipping.

    If you're going to have 600 extra calories a day, why not make a full on BPC (or two) and be done with it? It would help you fast longer, etc., especially if it can be your dessert with a meal or something...
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    Thanks Ms.Knit, I think Im going to try and limit my coffee just in the am to see if there is a change....
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    I'll bet it is the HWC especially @ 2Tbs per cup and even more so if it is a "guess-timate" of 2Tbs. I drink a bunch too. :*
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    I've been doing the same thing. I believe it's a combo of too much HWC and too much sweetener which starts my day with little slip ups here and there...candy corn, crackers etc.
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    I think it may be the hwc ::eyes tearing up::
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    It may be both. If you don't like black coffee, then try a tea like licorice or jasmine or raspberry that has a naturally sweet flavor and will not require additional ingredients. Just be sure to get one that is all tea and not already sweetened - some manufacturers add honey or sugar in the tea bags.
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    Maybe start measuring the HWC instead of guessing and if you need your coffee lighter, you can add some almond milk?
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    My guess is the HWC too. I drink a lot of coffee too and I need to drink some of it black if I am keeping my calories below maintenance. I skip breakfast most days too or the calories would never fit.

    I'm so very very sorry. (hug)
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    Thanks everyone
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    Try cutting back by switching to half n half first. Also, reduce the amount of stevia just a bit every other day if you can. I know it's tricky with those squirt bottles. I always preferred the dropper kind. With that said, I eventually stopped sweetening coffee because my cutting back little by little method would always end up becoming an increase little by little until I was back to drinking much sweeter coffee again. I really had my problem with the coffee syrups containing sucralose though. Maybe just stevia wouldn't have been as "sweet craving" triggering. ??? That was my issue.
    You could easily save those calories by reducing the hwc but honestly, it still may not change anything.
    I hit a stall about 5 months in with about 10 pounds left to lose (idk how much you have left to lose), but now, over a year later I'm still the same weight and I tried fasting, egg fasts, fat fasts, cutting sweeteners, you name it... I've tried it. Still the same weight.
    BUT!!!! I'm down a whole size from then... time to focus on other measures of progress besides the scale perhaps?
    I also cut any form of cream from my morning coffee and now only have the minimal amount to change its color and only if I have coffee after dinner. If I have iced coffee, I use almond milk.
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    I had to dump my hwc recently and switched to canned coconut milk. Way fewer calories! I immediately dropped 2 lbs. Also dropped cheese. It made me sad but I feel lots better!
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    I was using HWC in my coffee at first too so I started backing it off in small increments and have done pretty well with no more use of it. I did find a brand of flavoring called Walden Farms. No carbs, no sugars, no sugar alcohols, no calories. I got mocha flavored and it's not bad. You don't need much of it either to flavor coffee. There were others like vanilla and hazelnut too.


    I found it at my local grocery store just the other day. It was in the coffee isle with all the powdered stuff.
  • KetoLady86
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    Thanks! The other day I purchased some coconut milk coffee creamer, I need to use it. Looks like I am going to cut the cream!
  • FIT_Goat
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    It's not always a popular opinion around here, but I am pretty anti-sweeteners. I find that, while they don't have calories themselves, they mess with my hunger signals. I consume more of everything else, when I consume sweeteners. They may not be the source of the excess calories, but they could be the cause of your consuming them.

    You can experiment with reducing or eliminating them.
  • KetoLady86
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    Thanks fit_goat, I think that is going on as well
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    Yeah, I would do some experimenting to see if it's the cream and/or the sweeteners. I'd also try easing back to maybe 3-4 cups a day so it's 3-400 calories from the cream and see if that helps.