12 -13hrs

MzOakland Posts: 60 Member
Do you think one could get similar results with a 12-13 hr fast? Im trying no food from 7pm-8am


  • jkquinn13
    jkquinn13 Posts: 203 Member
    try it and find out...for me, that is not a fast, it's just normal
  • cdebracy
    cdebracy Posts: 91 Member
    Since I last wrote this I've bounced around a bit doing different timeframes, depending on how I feel. How are you doing with your journey?
  • britsy1986
    britsy1986 Posts: 6 Member
    So i just started intermittent fasting. I eat at 8 pm to 10 pm. What ratio would that be then? So far I am able to do my regular routine and not hungry through out the day. Success stories??
  • cdebracy
    cdebracy Posts: 91 Member
    That sounds like a 20:2 fast. I'd say if it works for you then go for it. My calorie requirements are hard to meet in 2 hours. I'm back to trying 24 hour fasts 2-3 times a week so we'll see if that works. 16:8 and 18:6 has been very doable for me after easing into it.

    Keep up the good work!
  • ckarvia
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    I have found that since I've started fasting there are some days I'm not hungry enough to eat the number of calories that I should. I have tried 24 hour fast and the way my schedule is, it doesn't work well. I hope the 24 hour fast are working for you.
  • leighn62
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    MzOakland I believe you will get the most beneficial IF results starting at 16 hours of fasting but it totally makes sense to start at 12 hours for a week, 13 hrs the next until you get up to 16 hours. I certainly have some weight to lose but mostly I do IF and HFLC to ward off the dementia that my mother had as well as to slow the aging process. These combined are a powerful tool in brain health and anti aging.
  • Bubba1922
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    I do different timeframes every day - that works better for me as firm plans never seem to work out for me. Today I ate 12.30 to 17.30. Low carb mainly, sneaking in a piece of bread pudding. Yesterday 2.30 to 20.30.

    Love this way of eating, 30 lbs to lose, need to reduce coffee intake and up the water.
  • gillirob
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    From all that I have read, (and I read a lot) the body does not reach the fasted state until 12 hours, THEN you can start burning fat. Exercise in the fasted state, and burn more. So i am trying to go until 3:00PM fasting since 8PM the night before, then exercise, then eat an hour or two post exercise. I have only been fasting for a full week at 16:8 and have not lost any weight. Hopefully, extending the fast and exercising later will help. Frustrated.
  • Itreadlightly
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    Last December I did an IF ( 18-6) for the entire month. I lost weight in spite of multiple holiday indulgences. It was a way of keeping some kind of control in a busy season.
    I was so happy with how that worked out I am doing again this year which is why I showed up here