30 day challenge

Dory_42 Posts: 3,587 Member

Anyone want to join me on a 30 day challenge? You can do all of them or some of them. I am doing all (and actually adapted the pushups so I end with 50)


  • Parsniphead
    Parsniphead Posts: 43 Member
    I'll have a go. I may have to adapt the lunges as I injured my knee years ago. Cue gasping mess. :#
  • enmonteith
    enmonteith Posts: 18 Member
    I would like to join you!
  • kaylangrandorff
    kaylangrandorff Posts: 94 Member
    I'm willing to give it a go.
  • starfiresparkles
    starfiresparkles Posts: 3 Member
    I'd like to try this.
  • RamonaMoon
    RamonaMoon Posts: 321 Member
    I'll join you for this.

    Day 1 complete. I really suck at push ups!
  • LMR51
    LMR51 Posts: 15 Member
    I will do this!
  • kayjosh2422
    kayjosh2422 Posts: 864 Member
    Great idea
  • Dory_42
    Dory_42 Posts: 3,587 Member
    Day 3 completed even though my knees were really creaking on the lunges. I spent 9 months last year doing rehab so I know what they can take (they are just lazy because I took a few weeks off due to flu and crazy busy silly season).

    Anyone can jump in and start whenever they want! Personally I like to keep to the same day of the month as I don't get confused, but do whatever works for you.
  • Dory_42
    Dory_42 Posts: 3,587 Member
    I have done day 5. How is everyone else doing?
  • colleenm487
    colleenm487 Posts: 45 Member
    I finished day 4. I should of done day 5 yesterday, but I walked a lot of hills yesterday and I was afraid my knees couldn't take much more.