Share your knowledge: How do YOU get protein and nutrition without going over on points?

I have a very hard time maintaining my protein because I: (a) hate all fish except tuna; (b) can't eat eggs; and (c) am not supposed to eat red meat (heart condition). To say that I'm sick to death of chicken is an understatement. I've heard that Greek yogurt is good for protein, but that's just for snacking. I typically add chopped up slices of lean, low sodium lunchmeat (turkey or ham) to my lunchtime salad, and sometimes toss in some garbanzo or black beans.

Any suggestions?


  • MichelleP31
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    Do you like pork? There are some very lean pork loin, roasts, chops etc.

    And I think most beans are a great source of protein so I would maximize on that as well.

    Have you ever heard of authority nutrition? That website is a great source of information on nutrition based on science. It may surprise you what the latest studies have shown about red meat in relation to heart disease.
  • angel157A
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    Check out the WW online shopping list (or even the app under "Foods" - Meat & Poultry / Meat Substitutes / Fish & Seafood ) for a comprehensive list of protein rich food options. I know I had to experiment a little to find those I now love. Good luck!
  • danaberge
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    Mozzarella cheese, beans, and lots of greens. I find that zucchini with sauce, mushrooms and fat free mozzarella gives me around 40+ protein. I am always falling under because I go through "i'm sick of chicken" fits. I cut the zucchini lengthwise twice, then chop (i get nice triangles), sautee on a pan with spray or oil (tsp) add 1/2 a cup of whatever jar sauce and then a cup of fat free mozzarella... and it's so delish. Friend me for more veggie dinner ideas. I would love to share.
  • danaberge
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    I would like to add - these meals freeze well and defrost well - for easy go to freezer meals. However, I usually only eat for dinner. I have been on a steamed wonton kick for lunch from chinese place.
  • Limon421
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    Premier protein, I drink it, use in my oatmeal. Greek yogurt. I make yogurt part of a meal. How much (grams) are you trying to eat a day?
  • mccraee
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    why do you think greek yogurt is just for snacking? I have it almost every day is some form for breakfast. For me, it beats eggs.

    I will put it in smoothies (with a scoop of whey protein powder & frozen blueberries) or make overnight oats (old fashioned oats, yogurt, milk, frozen blueberries and some stevia).

    For dinners I sub it for sour cream. I had a baked potato this week w/ a spoon full of greek yogrut
  • dcresider
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    There's also cottage cheese that's full of protein.
  • Crackertime
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    I use Bob's red mill whey protein powder. It has 15 grams of protein, is healthy and mixes into anything. I usually mix almond milk, Bob's and two tablespoons of Ovaltine for lunch. 5 points.
  • tekwriter
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    I like Premier Protien drinks and bars, chocolate and caramel for the drinks and peanut butter for the bars.
  • meatbal263
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    Non fat greek yogurt mixed with fruit is good for breakfast, cottage cheese or ricotta with cinnamon. This is why I am not following freestyle anymore. People are going to get sick of eating chicken, eggs and lentils really quickly and with a reduced set of points its going to get harder.