Bailey532 Posts: 65 Member
Does anyone eat any dairy? Greek yogurt, cream cheese and heavy whipping cream is hard for me to give up!


  • kaylangrandorff
    kaylangrandorff Posts: 94 Member
    Eating Paleo you are supposed to stay away from milk protein. There is a coconut milk based yogurts substitute and an almond milk. Soy bean is a substitute that you should try to avoid.
  • summer21forever
    summer21forever Posts: 61 Member
    Coconut yogurt is okay, but almond is horrible tasting. Just watch out for all the sugars.
  • sumrdream
    sumrdream Posts: 25 Member
    Yes, I eat paleo to be healthy , I don't have any specific health problems involving dairy, if your body tolerates it, a small amount is not bad. I use heavy cream, sour cream, cream cheese and cheese. Life would not be worth living for me if I had to give up cheese.