This would make a great Game Day or after school snack:

Mini Pizza Bites

I have not used this recipe yet. However looking at it, you can use Tapioca flour or Coconut flour in place of Otto's Cassava Flour. Becareful of the type of pepperoni, make sure that it does not contain any extra additives. You could replace it with Canadian Bacon, Bacon Bits, or uncured ham. A Paleo friendly cheese brand is Daiyi Cheese. It is dairy free, soy free, has no milk proteins, or additives, it is also made with Tapioca instead of brown rice, like most vegan cheese substitutes. If you do not have Almond or Cashew milk you can use Coconut Milk, located at your local WalMart.


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    Eggs in a Basket
    6-12 Large eggs
    6-12 slices of your choice of Ham or Turkey
    1/4 c vegan cheese
    1/8 c Bacon crumbles

    Take a muffin tin , 3x2 or 3x4, spray with olive oil or coconut oil. Place one slice of Ham at the bottom of each muffin spot. Be careful not to tear the ham. Crack one egg in each spot. You can also scramble the eggs, if you prefer. Bake in the oven at 400° F for 15 min. Take out and garnish with cheese and bacon crumbles. Place back in oven for an extra 3-5 min to melt the cheese. Use a fork to carefully remove them from the muffin tin, some will be sticky, go slow. Place a few on a plate and enjoy with a hot cup of joe or OJ. These will keep in the fridge for 3 days.
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    My brother got me an awesome Paleo cook book. Cannot wait to try these recipes.
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    Dinner tonight was:
    Pressure cooked pork loin roast with golden potatoes and gluten free gravy.
    Seer the roast in olive oil
    While seering the meat, dice a while white onion, chop up 4-6 golden potatoes, and measure out 3-4 cups of chicken stock.
    Add the onion, potatoes, and chicken stock ( liquid should fill up 2/3 the pressure cooker)
    Put the lid on, wait for the valve to pop, on high.
    Turn temp down to medium low and set timer for 1 hour.
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    It was a Ramen night.