Jason Fung and IF

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I saw a short Interview with Jason Fung when he spoke of the health benefits of having one meal a day (LCHF).

This interested me as I have 28lbs to lose. Also I do not like cooking and I am rather short of money and time. Would one healthy low carb meal a day meet all my nutrition needs? I need to be careful as I suffer from hair loss (I take high grade supplements to manage this). Could one meal a day only create malnutrition even if "healthy" non processed food is consumed?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you.


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    I don't know the answer, but I'm also interested in this. Do you have his new book on fasting? I have bought it, but have only just started reading it. I wondered if he had more to say there about adequate nutrition.

    My guess (complete guess!) is that it would be possible for me. When I'm not fasting, I eat three meals a day, but I don't eat an awful lot for breakfast or midday meal. The bulk of my nutrition and just about all my veg, is in the evening meal. So for me, it would just be a case of maybe having a bigger evening meal, to perhaps include some of what I'd normally eat at breakfast at lunch. For instance I often have nuts and seeds at those meals, but no reason why I couldn't add them into the evening meal.

    I regularly do 24 hour fasts, and I thought the thinking was that you are supposed to have at least one feeding day in between, rather than them do them back to back (which is what one meal a day would be). At least, that's the impression I got from reading/watching Brad Pilon. Jason Fung seems much more relaxed about going longer without eating in general, and I'm interested in his take on it. I've been thinking of giving up breakfast, which would take me down to two meals on feeding days, and it doesn't actually seem such a huge step from there to give up lunch!
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    I have read the Obesity Code recently. He is quite clear that if you are on diabetic medication, you should be under a doctor's supervision if doing long fasts. Other medications as well, I think, because dosage may be dependent on body weight.

    That being said, I know people on mfp do fasts for 48 hours regularly, seemingly, with no ill effect. I also know a number who do eat only once a day.

    Nutrition deficit is an overall thing, not a one day thing. After all, we get sick and don't eat for a number of days without becoming malnourished. Hungry but not malnourished.

    MFP has reports that would show you how you are doing nutritionally and upon review, you could adjust.

    You could also ask on:


    where there are a number who use IF.
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    I am on day 3 of a 3 day fast. I thought about doing a 5 but wanted to try this first. I have done a48 hr before based on Jung. Its simple easy and cheap. No problems for me. Make the bone broth before hand and use it if you need to. so far I had one cup bone broth on day 2. Otherwise water with lemon and tea. So far so good.
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    I just failed after 3.5 days - feel really upset with myself. I cook an omelette every night for my husband to take to work - and cooked one for myself. Even more annoyed that, If I understand it correctly, it is the fourth day that you body starts eating his own fat.
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    Don't look at it as failing. I can manage 16 hour fasts but don't often get to 24 or 36. 3.5 days rocks.
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    But you succeeded for 3.5 days!! Be proud of that!