Breakfast ideas!

I need some help with breakfast ...I need something fast and easy that does not include eggs. I don't eat eggs ..they make me barf.


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    one of the women on my friends list make a faux ceral which consist of hemp hearts, coconut flakes, nuts and unsweetened almond milk. I've made it it's very good
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    Today I had peanuts. 360 calories worth. Another day I ate leftover pork butt and a hunk of cream cheese.
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    There is no reason breakfast has to be "breakfast foods." Eat whatever you want, or don't eat at all if you aren't hungry. Many in the paleo world eat dinner leftovers for breakfast. Who says you can't have leftover pork chop and veggies re-heated in the microwave for breakfast?

    Personally, since becoming fat adapted, I only eat breakfast about 3-4 times a month since I am generally just not hungry. I just have some coffee and eat lunch as the first meal of the day around 11:30 or 12.
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    my breakfast everyday is bulletproof coffee ...I am not hungry until afternoon
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    I usually make my own form of BPC that is higher protein. My case might be different as I'm struggling for those last few lbs. and still want to be sure to get enough protein to preserve muscle, low carb, and low enough fat that I use my own fat for energy and not consumed fat.

    I'm also not a morning person, but on weekends when I give myself time to actually cook, I often eat sausages. Or you could eat bacon. Or, as suggested already, eat traditional lunch/dinner foods for breakfast. There is no law against it.

    ETA: Depending on how low carb you are trying to go, greek yogurt is another option.
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    I'm a little bit higher carb than some but this is my breakfast:
    3/4 cup plain yogurt
    1/2 tsp vanilla extract
    1 tbsp PB (16g)
    3g Dark Cocoa powder
    1 tbsp Truvia

    Mix and you have Reece's Yogurt :smile:

    You can do similar with less carbs replacing the yogurt with a blend of cream cheese and cream. About 1.5 oz of cream cheese and a couple tbsp cream (or more if you want it not as thick.)
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    baconslave wrote: »
    I'm a little bit higher carb than some but this is my breakfast:
    3/4 cup plain yogurt
    1/2 tsp vanilla extract
    1 tbsp PB (16g)
    3g Dark Cocoa powder
    1 tbsp Truvia

    Mix and you have Reece's Yogurt :smile:

    You can do similar with less carbs replacing the yogurt with a blend of cream cheese and cream. About 1.5 oz of cream cheese and a couple tbsp cream (or more if you want it not as thick.)

    I want to try this but I have regular cocoa powder and I don't have Truvia but I have Stevia, Erythritol and Swerve.
  • bowlerae
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    If I'm not eating bacon and eggs for breakfast I either have BPC or yogurt. This is my yogurt recipe:
    • 1/2 cup cabot full fat plain greek yogurt - it's VERY thick which I love and allows me to thin it out if I want
    • 40-60g of fruit - usually blueberries, raspberries and/or blackberries. I have also occasionally use mango and straberries.
    • 1 full squirt of vanilla liquid stevia (it's like 25+ drops lol. I'm working hard to reduce this, I still have a pretty big sweet tooth)
    • **Lately I've been adding 1 TBSP MCT oil to raise the fat:carb ratio. Blends well and thins out yogurt a little.
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    This morning I had chocolate whey protein powder mixed with some powdered peanut butter, liquid coconut oil, and almond milk. It was tasty.
  • Chorizo with avocado, cheese, and a little smoked paprika is delicious. So are leftover roast or chicken breasts. I tend to add cheese, but you wouldn't have to. Overnight Chia pudding.
    My all time favorite breakfast is actually a grande mug of Cafe Mexicano (strong coffee, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, cacao powder, heavy cream, whipped cream on top), but I can no longer have caffeine or chocolate.
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    I like to start the day with a hearty breakfast scramble, but there's no reason why you can't ditch the eggs and add some more meat and veggies instead. This morning I had bacon lardons, asparagus, mushrooms, spring onions and a couple of cherry tomatoes in my scramble, topped with cheese. Would have still been good without the eggs. There's an infinite combo of yumminess that you can finely dice and sauté in a pan for breaky!
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    If I'm hungry in the a.m., which is not always the case anymore, I go with a tablespoon or two of coconut-peanut butter. Delicious and in line with LCHF macros. Also make sure you drink something in the morning. Tea, coffee, water. Something..
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    I've been making chia pudding for breakfast. I've tried it with coconut milk and almond milk, but I prefer the almond milk. There are lots of recipes online so you can probably find one that you might like. I was sceptical, but it's pretty good. You have to make it the night before.
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    I use proscuitto or parma ham and a full fat cream cheese to make little rolls. 5 of those and a white coffee does me til 12 and i absolutely love them
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    I fill up celeri sticks with taramasalata. So so good if you ike taramasalata.
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    Two cups unsweetened almond milk, one scoop unflavored whey protein (you can find unflavored at GNC), a handful of frozen spinach for fiber and extra body, a half cup of crushed ice (my fridge has both cubes and crushed) and whatever sweetener/flavoring you choose. Whirl the whole thing in a blender until smooth.

    Those ham/cream cheese rolls sound pretty darned tasty, too.
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    You could order some Keto Bars for those days when you need to grab and go. They just changed their recipe to eliminate eggs. They are delicious.
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    Here's my "Chialicious" recipe for a ZERO net carb serving of pure deliciousness :smiley:
    This can be served hot or cold (use microwave, or spoon the recipe into a pot and heat over stove).

    Prepare the night before:

    4 tbsp Organic Chia Seeds - Healthworks
    Calories 240 • Total Fat 18 • Total Carbs 20 • Fiber 20 • Protein 12

    10 fluid ounce Water (add more water if you want more yumminess.)
    1 Tbsp butter
    1 Tbsp sugar free maple syrup

    ** Optional (combine ingredients using a WISK) **
    Isopure Zerocarb Creamy Vanilla Protein Powder
    calories 105 • Total Fat 1 • Total Carbs 0 • Protein 25

    Sugar free snack pack size service of Jello (Strawberry, Lime, etc.) instead of sugar free maple syrup

    Use Almond Milk instead of water, but you have to stir the concoction vigorously before placing into fridge.

    ** Yeah I know. Much to my chagrin, I found out there is a 'brand' called Chia Licious :neutral:
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    Most of the time my breakfasts are grab and go. Roll ups are a go to and I can eat them in the car. Ham and cream cheese, ham and cheese, turkey and cheese and spinach, ham, cucumber and cream cheese is my fav these days.

    I do smoothies too: casein power, coconut milk, spinach and frozen blackberries is a routine one for me. I also do one with casein powder, avocado, spinach and half a frozen peach.

    String cheese is a default breakfast for me when I am at a dead run in the mornings, I always have a big bag in the fridge so I can grab 2 and know my morning meal is taken care of.

    Admittedly I do love hard boiled eggs with lots of salt so that's a staple for me too. But, the others may work for you!