Lapband Removal

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So I was banded in 2005. To make it short let's just say I have had my fair share of issues with it. My doctor suggested to have the band removed and a revision surgery to gastric bypass. I was surprised yet excited to the suggestion. I then again was shocked my insurance approved the surgery. I am having my band out on the 7th of February and then bypass the end of March. I cannot believe how quickly this process moved. So...My question is, have any of you had the band to bypass revsion and how are they comparable with recovery and pain? I have two friends that had this revision, one said it was not bad, the other said it was horrible. I am just curious about other people's experience. Thanks :smiley:


  • Robin628
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    I had band to VSG revision (band out in 2011 and sleeve in 2015) and to me, pain was about the same. Felt like I had been kicked in the stomach or had done 1000 sit-ups. Granted, different surgery but if your bypass is being done laparoscopically, I don't see why it would be more or less the same as your band.
  • munchkinpsych
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    I had my band taken out in March 2016 and a revision to RNY in July 2016. I would say the pain, for me, was a little more with the bypass than with having the band put in. However, that could also me not remembering 2007 as clearly as 2016. I also developed fibromyalgia in 2009 that can lead to having more pain after procedures due to a flare up. One of my main issues was that I was terrified I would rip my stomach and/or intestinal stitches after the RNY.

    I was also excited when my revision opportunity came up. My band surgeon had said no to revision, but I started seeing a new bariatric surgeon in 2015. He was willing to do the revision, though my insurance didn't cover anything (band or RNY).
  • akindofmagick
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    Congratulations! I have heard so many horror stories about the band (scaring, complications, etc), and people needing revision. Seriously, I don't know why it hasn't been taken off the market. I wish you every success!! :)
  • Fishingsimpson
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    My wife and I are two of the horror stories about the band we both had ours put in on the same day she had hers out a month before me and is having the bypass next month from what I can tell pain and most everything is about the same just eating habits are the thing I've talked to a lot of people about the sugar problem ( dumping ) seems everyone goes through it at least once good luck with that. On your protein drinks the gold standard brand has pretty good flavor but leaves me with like a dry mouth
  • HotDiggityDogz
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    How did band removal go DaisyRN? I had band-to-bypass done in the same surgery 2 weeks ago. It has been a bit of a more painful recovery than I expected, but I'm certainly on the mend. Good luck with your RNY in March!
  • Daisyrn
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    Thanks everyone! I had my band taken out 8 days ago. I have no internal pain whatsoever. The pain I do have is to be expected from incisional sites. Most of my pain is from where the port was removed. The incision is bigger than when the port was put in. I am so glad I choose to have the band removed, I have had it 12 years. My surgeon said my band had tissue from my stomach overgrown over it and it had attached itself to my intestines and liver. I am looking forward to my second journey. Thank you HotDiggityDogz, I am glad you are doing well we should keep in touch. I went back to work yesterday a week after my removal and did fine. My surgeon said I will probably be off 4 weeks with the bypass. The funny thing is I still feel like I have my band when I eat, like a Pseudoband LOL :)