Lose body fat get clean WITHOUT COUNTING macros??

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I feel like I was doing soooo good in my own, THEN I started researching and. Whole new world of IIFYM women appeared and I got sucked in and it's really just pissing me off. Like I get the hang of it but I really don't want to be that meticulous when it comes to food. Can I still get lean lose body fat and just watch my food intake? Might sound silly but I have it in my head that these women's 6 packs and body compositions are because they are counting their macros.... I'm fairly new into weight training, just started squats up to 95 - sets and deadlifts 95- 5 sets. I'm. 34 year old Mom to 5 kids ages 8,5,4 and twins 13 months old. I'm down to 125-128 and I have as of last week 21% body fat from a caliper reading. I think I'm doing good. I just would hate to slow my progress and not have my muscles POP because of it. I am figured by my online coach to have 1530 calories and I believe 170 carbs, 45 fat and 115 protein. Any help would be appreciated or opinions, validation. Thanks!


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    It depends.

    I have a few things to say about this but it may be a short while before I can reply in a detailed enough manner for it to be remotely useful.

    I'll try to make a video reply later tonight.
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    Still uploading but hopefully it's done by the time anyone reads this:

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    As of 6:37 PM ET, nada
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    Crap! Sorry about that. I will re-upload this tonight as something must've gone wrong. I should have this up in a couple hours
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    Great call on why difficult - 5 kids of those ages - detailed logging would get old rather fast - if not difficult to do with little maniacs running around.

    Love the advice of being reasonable.
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    So I do count my calories I am about 1500 cal and the whole tracking is getting easier but yes I was tracking tablespoon of ketchup tablespoon of vegetable oil and write down to the Gram and I just feel like it's so tedious I would like to just stay within my calorie deficit and make sure I'm hitting my protein but still not weigh everything just scan it with my barcode on my fitness pal and go from there.... i'm pretty good at following a diet and I'm pretty good at knowing what to eat during the day because I've done it for so long yes I enjoy a couple cheap meals on Friday night and Saturday night but it's not all day cheating and I've maintained my weight from about 125 to 128 and I just feel like a thong is I'm tracking my calories do I really need to track my macros will I still build muscle ?if I'm getting enough protein?do you track your macros? I just find it hard to make dinners that my whole family can enjoy it while I'm sitting there trying to weigh out everything and it's hard to plan meals when I have to think OK how my going to make this chili when I have to weigh out the beans and the ground turkey and the spices and a tomato juice
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    And here's the kicker about just scanning and going.

    Manufacturer's change the makeup, serving size, macros and calories in a product all the time, some more than others.

    The SKU will stay the same usually.

    Guess who doesn't update their database entry that is tied to the SKU. At least I stopped checking once I saw how bad it got. Perhaps they eventually do.

    I'll mention this process, only because it can be made more difficult, or easier. Still sounds difficult until you do it with scratch paper on your counter.

    Stuff like chili not too bad - you got the cans and spices don't have calories to speak of in quantities you'll be consuming. While some cans are in volume of ounces rather than weight of ounces - you weigh it once you got it - make a note somewhere.

    Here's how you do it, if you keep the recipe and especially in MFP, you got the info.
    Weigh the pot it will end up in, hopefully not over what the scale can handle. Note that. Say 2 lbs, 32 oz, 907 g.
    Add your ingredients, weighing what's needed, don't worry about water added. Note all those weights per item.
    Cook as needed.
    Weigh the pot now, do the math for weight of food. Say total 4.5 lbs, 72 oz, 2041 g. Food is 1134 g.
    Weigh out the portion of food you want to eat, that appears will satisfy you - say 284 g.
    284 / 1134 = 25% of food eaten, which also means 25% every item total eaten.

    Build a recipe on MFP so you can do this easily again.
    When you put in the ingredients that have calories, do NOT trust the "about XX servings per container" - do the math on those parts, can product weighed 170 g (stated or you weighed), serving size was 50 g stated on can, use 3.4 servings used in recipe builder.
    Now whatever weight it comes up with doesn't matter, you know you had 25% of it. You can mess with the # of servings to equal some even amount, you can make it match what you ate, whatever.
    Eat some leftover tomorrow, same simple math process - say 200 g / 1134 g = 18%.
    If you made a serving equal the initial 284 g, then 200 / 284 = 70% of your serving size you decided.

    You do this with a batch of common recipes that is mostly eaten, especially potentially high calorie ones, and the others that may be created can be estimated with something already in the database.
    Sort of half what Patrick was talking about, half more accurate.
    Doesn't have to be all or nothing.
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    Following... thanks for this question you described my life right now ha