How to cut appetite?

I am who is difficult to control my appetite since I eat a lot of unhealthy food after I've been tired of diet. Btw, sorry .. my english not so good.


  • Bhanbury
    Bhanbury Posts: 8 Member
    portion small meals throughout the day. Not 3 big meals do 6 small meals. Eat more healthy fat like avocado, nuts, and fatty fishes. Don't be afraid of seasonings. Aside from sugar and excess salt, seasoning things doesn't ruin a diet. Give yourself a cheat day. Keep healthy snacks on hand or in your purse to avoid binging later if you get hungry. Hope these tips help!
  • WickAndArtoo
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    I agree with bhanbury try to eat healthy fats and also high protein lean meats. I personally eat a huge breakfast of eggs with veggies cooked in olive oil with a banana and whole fat yogurt, it keeps me from getting so hungry later that I make bad food decisions.

    The trick for me is to find the healthy foods that make me feel full... if I eat a piece of toast with peanut butter, a banana, and a yogurt for breakfast I am hungry an hour later so I end up eating MORE throughout the day trying to make up for that instead I take the time to make eggs instead which keeps me full until 1 pm leaving me ample time and leeway to grab something healthy for lunch and not make decisions based off of low blood sugar.
  • cloverdaisy
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    When you feel hungry or want to eat, drink a big glass of water first. You might still eat after that but it helps to eat less and some times you don't feel like eating any more.
  • SnickersMaggie
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    I recommend drinking lots of plain green tea or just with fresh lemon juice. I try to stick to 3 meals and no snacks. If I do break down and want a snack I love frozen grapes - (melt slowly in you mouth so a little goes a long way) and a few almonds.