February Weight Loss 2017 - Join in for some accountability!



  • YCHoward
    YCHoward Posts: 11 Member
    Ok - Birthday weekend is over - I maintained. But - did my Slim in 6 workout and logged my food so far. Have gotten on the 'water' bandwagon. I'm also using my foam roller for this How to get a Slimmer Waist on Goop. http://goop.com/how-to-get-a-slimmer-waist/?utm_source=byrdie.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=pubexchange_module

    I hate that I've lost the small waist I used to have. The DR. keeps saying its my cortisol, but I've taken the medication for a couple of months with no change in my waist. So I'm trying this.

    February SW: 133
    February GW: 125

    Feb 8: 133
    Feb: 15:
    Feb 22:
    Feb 28:

    This is my 'goal dress' I plan to wear in San Diego this June.


  • MIRunnerMom
    MIRunnerMom Posts: 22 Member
    I started at 149.4 and weighed in today at 147.8. I have been working really hard but the weekends get me food wise, especially with the delish super bowl food this weekend!
    Keep up the good work ladies!
  • mzlizzi
    mzlizzi Posts: 21 Member
    Tuesday Weigh-ins:

    Jan 31:168.2
    Feb 6: 170.2
    Feb 13:
    Feb 20:
    Feb 27:

    GW for February 27: 162

    This weekend threw me for a loop. Getting back on track starting yesterday.
  • theperfectratio
    theperfectratio Posts: 49 Member
    Hey everyone!

    Joining a little late but here's my info:

    Height - 5 ft 7 in
    Starting weight - 153 lb
    February Goal - 145 lb
    Ultimate goal - 135 lb

    1/31/17: 153
    2/7/17: 148.4

    I'm hoping to be at my UGW by April...going on a beachy vacation with my boyfriend that month!
  • Lainey_68
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    edited February 2017
    Hi everyone, 8 days into February and a little late starting this challenge! Really need to break the evening overeating habit and get back to the gym on a regular basis - 3-4 times week. January and the very beginning of February were not what I hoped for but I'm going to get back on track before another month slips by.

    Starting weight: 68kg
    First goal weight: 64kg
    Final goal weight: 60kg

    My motivation - Upcoming events I want to look my best for:

    ~Trip to Amsterdam during early April
    ~Friend's Wedding at the end of April
    ~Summer 2017

    Add me as a friend if my stats, goals, etc are similar to yours!
  • superfitconball
    superfitconball Posts: 46 Member
    A little late to this...Just got back on the wagon with tracking...
    Current weight (Feb 8): 148.5
    Feb Goal weight: 145
    Ultimate Goal: 135

  • seoun
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    seoun wrote: »
    Starting weight: 135 lbs
    February Goal: 132 lbs
    Ultimate Goal: 110 lbs

    Jan/29/17: 135 lbs

    Let's stay accountable this month guys

    February Goal: 132 lbs
    Ultimate Goal: 110 lbs

    Jan/29/17: 135 lbs
    Feb/09/17: 136 lbs

    I ended up gaining weight despite my efforts, but I won't let it stop me :)
    Let's keep going guys! February isn't over yet so we can still do it!
  • mspotts90
    mspotts90 Posts: 5 Member
    I am starting Feb at 132 lbs and hoping to get down to 129.5lbs by the end of Feb.
  • Kullerva
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    SW (2/2/2016): 147.4
    February Goal: 146.4 (I lose soooo slowly now, so I'm aiming for 1lb/month this year)
    Ultimate Goal: 135 lb

    I like daily accountability (I have a weight tracker app) but will weigh in here once a week.

    Feb. 2: 147.4
    Feb. 9: 146.8
    Feb. 16:
    Feb. 23:
    Mar. 1:

    After the terrible weekend I had, I don't deserve this result, but I will take it. :)
  • Blacksheep_Girl
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    SW: 7 January: 165.6lbs
    February Goal: 149lbs

    Feb 3: 155.4lbs
    Feb 10:
    Feb 17:
    Feb 24:

    Feb 28:


    Feb 10: 155.4!

    I went right up because of a trip to London (where good bad food lives) and then got back down to this month's starting weight :neutral:
  • mbanks123
    mbanks123 Posts: 117 Member
    Come on everyone! Where are you weigh ins? We are meant to be keeping one another accountable :) let's get to it!
  • bfay1101
    bfay1101 Posts: 35 Member
    New "again" to this group. Have been away from MFP for a few months. Now it's time to buckle down and get working. I'll start up with everyone next month if you do this monthly. A little late to join in now. Currently I weigh 128 and my goal weight is 120. Not sure if I can do that in a month so I'll try to lose some before the beginning of next month. Have a summer planned with lots of backcountry camping and kayaking so I have to get my s#*t together...
    See you in a couple of weeks.
  • mvmazz
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    edited February 2017
    Starting weight (feb 1st 59kg)
    Currently 57.5kg
    February Goal - 54kg (fighting/sparring in early March in an under 55kg category)
    Ultimate goal - 50kg

    Motivation=Maintaining weight in the lightweight category and my clothes just fit well on my frame at this weight.
  • SnickersMaggie
    SnickersMaggie Posts: 13 Member
    I'm really late to this party! I was on another group but was frustrated by the lack of accountability.
    I started the month at 144.3 lbs, today I'm 141.4.
    I'd like to lose another 5 lbs by the end of the month.
  • jnducharme
    jnducharme Posts: 83 Member
    Sorry didn't weigh in until today! Goal is to loose 1lb per week.
    Jan. 13 129 lbs
    Jan. 29 128 lbs
    Feb 12. 126 lbs
    First goal 120
    Ultimate goal 115
  • Silveya
    Silveya Posts: 77 Member
    Hi everyone. :)
    A miscalculation of the calories in a homemade chocolate cake can be very bad for your weight loss... I recommend guessing it has more calories rather then less... Just saying. :D

    February 2017:
    SW (Feb 4th): 127.8 lbs.
    Feb 11: 129.2 lbs.
    Feb 18: lbs.
    Feb 25: lbs.
    Feb 28: lbs.

    GW (Feb 28th): 125 lbs.

    We learn something even on the bad days / weeks. All of it moves us forward even if we can't see it yet. We "will" get there!
  • mbanks123
    mbanks123 Posts: 117 Member
    Starting weight - 65.8kg
    February Goal - 59.0kg
    Ultimate goal - 55kg

    30/1/17: 61.1kg
    6/2/17: 60.9kg
    13/2/17: 61.0kg

    Ugh, I even hit 59.9 last week but when it comes to Monday's I weigh so much. Had a really bad weekend where I kind of gave up but I won't let it defeat me. I will be under 60kg next Monday!!
  • lalajka
    lalajka Posts: 368 Member
    Weigh-in on Mondays:

    Jan 30: 65.6 kg
    Feb 6: 65 kg
    Feb 13: 65.1 kg
    Feb 20:
    Feb 27:

    Goal weight for February: 63.5 kg

    Up 0.1 kg. Went on a 3 day spa retreat so I was kind of expecting it. Still, it's so frustrating I'm not in the 64s yet. I will never reach my February goal with this slow pace. I'll try to be extra good this week :)
  • Skipper111
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    Good Afternoon,

    I know I am very late starting but was hoping I could jump the band wagon mid month as this is the exact motivation I need.

    Starting weight: 150lbs
    Currently 146lbs
    February Goal - 142lbs
    Ultimate goal - 132lbs

    Good Luck everyone :-D

  • SnickersMaggie
    SnickersMaggie Posts: 13 Member
    I'm really late to this party! I was on another group but was frustrated by the lack of accountability.
    I started the month at 144.3 lbs, today I'm 141.4.
    I'd like to lose another 5 lbs by the end of the month.