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Talk to me about what you drink.

Before surgery I was a Diet Coke junkie. I've been soda-free for 3 months, but I'm having trouble staying hydrated since surgery. It's not that I dislike water, it's just that I have to force myself to drink it. I don't crave water.

Today I grabbed an un-sweet tea on a whim and it was great. Full disclosure, I did have to use a packet of Splenda to make it delicious.

I'd totally be on the iced tea train, but I'm a bit concerned about the caffeine and the artificial sweetener. I'm not a coffee drinker and I don't eat/drink any other caffeine. Obviously I didn't have an issue with artificial sweeteners before surgery, but I want to live this healthier life now. What are your feelings on caffeine and sweeteners? Should I get on the iced tea train or is there something else I might like? Feel free to tell me to just suck it up and learn to love plain water. ;)


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    My feelings on artificial sweetener is that sometimes you have to choose your battles. If a little Crystal Light helps me drink my water, I am ok with that. If you are really against using artificial sweeteners, you could try stevia. As far as caffeine, I drink coffee every day, sometimes I drink iced tea, and I have no problems. Unless you are consuming huge amounts of artificial sweeteners or caffeine, I think you would have no problems. Your choices are all about what you like, what works for you, and above all, what helps you stick with the program.
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    I agree.. getting your fluids in is SO important. I love water so it's not a big deal but now and then I use either crystal light or the vitamin water zero. As long as is not overboard, you sound be fine. Sleeved 11/29/16. I still struggle getting all my water in some days.
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    I agree.. I struggled with water for the first 6 months. Crystal light was the only thing that got me through. However, I'm not trying to wean myself off crystal light and back to plain water. I believe the crystal light caused my issue with reflux. I'm not a big tea drinker but I do add lemonade crystal light to tea to make an Arnold Palmer. I am a coffee drinker and use the Starbucks no sugar sweet coffee syrups. I totally agree with Garber6th, pick your battles and this one may be to just stay hydrated.
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    I don't have a problem with sweeteners or caffeine. In moderation I think both are safe. Used to be a big Diet Coke drinker myself but don't crave them anymore. I drink diet Monsters. I know that sounds terrible but it works for me. All my health metrics are good. That's what is important. Oh, but I ALSO drink 60-80 ounces of plain water a day too. Lije others have said, pick your battles and do what's best for YOU. :)<3
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    For the first couple of months, I struggled with getting all my fluids. For me, I stop at Sonic in the morning and get a 44oz ice water with lemon. After a bit, I started adding blackberry flavor which I believe is Stevia sweetened. At home, I use one of those little packets of sugar free Crush or Hawaiian Punch flavor. I used to drink plain water all the time but after surgery, I don't have a taste for it any longer.

    The one thing I personally avoid is caffeine and carbonated drinks. I know I can have the caffeine now, but I figure since I don't miss it, why go back to it if there is even the slightest chance of it making me hungry. I tried a sip of soda when my mouth was dry and it didn't bother me. On Christmas Eve, a sip of champagne put my stomach in knots. :s So carbonated drinks are a no-go for me. My wife on the other hand drinks nothing but soda daily and has no issues. So, your mileage may vary as they say.
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    I drink mostly plain water except in the morning I have to add a little bit of Crystal Light or it won't go down. I drink coffee and tea (mostly unsweetened, but do add a splenda packet sometimes).

    I was a big water drinker pre-surgery, like 16-20 glasses a day. It's still a struggle a lot of days to make sure I'm getting in 7-8 and I'm almost a year out. If it takes drinking tea to get more fluids in, then do what you have to do. If you're worried about caffeine intake, you can always brew your own tea using decaf and/or herbal teas.
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    If you're worried about caffeine intake, you can always brew your own tea using decaf and/or herbal teas.

    Good point.

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    @NicoleL874 - thanks for the strategy tips.
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    It is a common problem and doesn't necessarily go away even years out. I was not a much of a soda drinker before surgery, always water, but I also never drank enough overall and over a year later, I still do not drink enough. I avoid artificial sweeteners, my exception are some of the newer drinks (Bao fruit drinks and teas). I average 5-6 servings. I find some fruit helps - a squirt of lemon, lime, etc. but it will always be a struggle for me.
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    @NicoleL874 Totally agree about the stevia. Jury is still out on artificial sweeteners. I consume my fair share and havent had adverse effects. Sounds like nobody heere is drinking sugar sweetened beverages. That would be the worst way to get your liquids.
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    I am not anti caffeine or sweeteners but as a chronic migraine sufferer I cut my caffeine and go with decaf. I try to stick with natural or as natural sweetener as possible. I prefer stevia though I know there are some doubts about what it is really, or some of the others like monkfruit. If I have no choice I will either have a little real sugar or Splenda. I won't use equal or sweet n low.

    There are days that crystal light or some of the other sugar free drink mixes or other products have artificial sweetener but like everything else K am good with it so long as it is in moderation.