Any Low Carb/ High Fat PCOS Cysters Out there?

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So, I'm making my grand re-entrance back on to MyFitnessPal; we needed a little break! I am now back full force and wondering if any of my fellow Cysters are doing Low Carb/ High Fat?

Typically I strive to stay between 20-40 Net Carbs a day and am working to get into Ketosis. I don't focus on the Calorie Amount as much and work to incorporate low carb fruits and veggies.

I would absolutely love to add new friends and see what y'all are eating as well!

I have been doing low carb starting this week and I am staying strong. My sugar cravings are gone, my craving for snacking is minimal, and I feel pretty darn good all around.

My body reacts to low carb like a CHAMP! It is the one thing that really helps the weight fall off! I have tried just about everything else and this is what works for me! It seems like the bad breath is back. Whomp Whomp! Do y'all experience that? It is a typical sign of Ketosis. I have tested with my Ketone Strips yet.


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    I've been following a low carb plan since 1/15/15, mostly. I've had a few blips along the way, but overall, I've never felt better in my life. I'm getting some other health stuff under control, but low carb is such a comfort blanket...

    I'm still a sugar junkie, and it comes in waves, but yeah, I'm there!

    My body loves low carb so much that I've never had more than a few moments of the so-called flu mess, but I'm also electrolyte aware, and all that... I have the urine smell, more than the breath, but I adapt pretty quickly past that stage... I don't do the strips as all they test is wasted ketones. If I hit the stride where I feel good, I know my body's doing it's thing. :)

    Sent you a friend request!

    P.S. These are my other two favorite groups on MFP. AND There's a sister group to the first one that's also all about recipes... I do best when connecting with like folks!
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    I've got PCOS and I'm also insulin resistant. As of Monday this week I lowered my carbs and upped my fat. Not sure if I'll be able to get into ketosis any time soon but set my macros to 20% carbs, 25% protein, 55% fat.

    I'll see how it goes and then maybe lower carbs even more if needed. It's the only thing that seems to help with Pcos (lowering carbs and sugar) and I also do 1600cal a day.
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    I've got PCOS and thanks to @KnitOrMiss, @DragonWolf, and some others inspiring me in this group, I started LCHF/keto in November. It's definitely been good for me, too! I had regained 20 lbs in a year and was having a very hard time losing it. Keto helped me lose the weight and I also had some other unexpected side benefits.

    When I hit my maintenance range, I stated experimenting with gradually increasing calories and carbs but now I'm back doing keto.
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    I've been doing the low carb/high fat for awhile and lost weight. But now I'm at a plateau and I fell off the wagon a little bit. Always looking for inspiration from those with the same battle! No one understands the weight loss struggle with PCOS and how differently our bodies breakdown food. I am a carb lover and am struggling with having to limit my carbs. But I feel so much better when I do! Too many carbs in a day and my body rejects them.
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    I'm 50 days into low carb high fat and have lost about 9 lb (maybe more but not weighing again til shark week ends). I have pcos with ir and hypothyroid. This is the first time I've lost weight consistently and not felt starved or deprived since I can remember!
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    Just be sure to keep an eye on any thyroid symptoms. I had a few outlying issues, but full keto plus a horrible outdoors adventure (4 days hard labor, limited water/electrolytes) sent my hypothyroidism into overdrive. My TSH tripled from barely acceptable to way over the limit and was still crazy high a few weeks later at bloodwork. My body hasn't been the same since, and that's been over a year in recovery. I'm still mostly keto, though I'm working at incorporating more veggie carbs at night so as to all my thyroid some breathing room. I found, too, that all my meds and such seem to be more effective since I treated my low stomach acid and digestive issues... Best of luck to you, @amyinthetardis1231!
  • amyinthetardis1231
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    Thanks, good to know. I have a physical coming up and was already planning to have my TSH and A1C checked. My dose is high (175mcg) but has been stable for years. Hopefully lchf doesn't negatively impact it. I'm not fully keto, I average 15-20% carbs from veggies, occasional fruit, and dark chocolate. Still, I'm losing weight which is normally impossible so hopefully no negative side effects!
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    @amyinthetardis1231 I'm kind of in the 50-80 gram carb goal range myself, while trying to find a new level. It can just be really hard on the system...keto is a strain on the adrenals in and of itself. Check out Leanne Vogel on for more ideas on how to manage thyroid and adrenal issues while keeping low carb/keto... She's got great suggestions - and it helps with female hormone imbalances, and all of that. In fact, I need to break down and go listen again!
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    macchiatto wrote: »
    I've got PCOS and thanks to @KnitOrMiss, @DragonWolf, and some others inspiring me in this group, I started LCHF/keto in November.

    Me, too. I love LCHF. I've had some bumps in the road with it, but it's been the best for me. I most consistently lose weight and I feel good. My stomach loves it, no pains from grains. It's not always easy, but it's worthwhile.
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    Anyone else? I've been LCHF since August and am looking for others on the same path.
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    Anyone else? I've been LCHF since August and am looking for others on the same path.

    I've been on and off since 2014, but we are back on Keto since Dec 3rd. Hubby, daughter and I all do it together and that helps us stick to it better. Send a friend request if you want.
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    I mentioned this to my ob/gyn today, that my cycles are more regular when I eat low carb, and he looked surprised! That surprised me. ;)
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    I am restarting LCHF for the billionth time; I also have PCOS. Definitely looking for more friends if anyone wants to add me! I love looking through people's diaries and getting ideas on what to eat!
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    Oh hey, PCOS and insulin resistance here too!! I love keto :smiley: I feel so much better eating this way, and since I'm finally back on track I'm down 10 pounds in 2 weeks! Anyone can feel free to friend me if you'd like a fellow lchf friend and some support!
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    Restarting the LCHF woe this year again. Hit a hard point back in the summer and finally getting back on track. New year, new start! Feel free to add me. :)
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    Oh my god, you have no idea how happy I am to read that you're all doing so well on keto/low carb!! I have PCOS too and have never tried to lose weight before. I've been eating pretty healthy (all organic and vegan) for like a year and half and still managed to gain weight. I had no idea that carbs were so bad for us and looking back they've always been the bulk of my diet. I was starting to lose hope seeing everybody strugglin to lose weight but this threat is giving me LIFE right now !!! I'm going to add all of you :D
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    @perwillpass - If you need any additional motivation to stay on track, this scared the heck of out me today, because it IS me...
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    PCOS, insulin resistant, and LCHF since Jan. 4. It's been a struggle realizing that I really can eat fats because we're taught they are bad, but I've lost over 15 pounds since I started, so that's proof enough for me.
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    Yes another Cyster here.
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    I seem to be the only person on earth who cannot lose weight on keto. I think I am still eating too much protein and too little fat. I just started Metformin a few weeks ago and am looking into some other supplements for insulin resistance. Last year i lost about 30# but the only way I was able to consistently lose was to eat under 1,000 calories a day. I keep trying to up my game... eliminate possible problem foods (red wine, erythritol, stevia, too much dairy, etc). I keep saying I'll give it one more try and then go back to a Very VLCD (still low carb though), but i would way way rather be able to eat a normal number of calories and not constantly get the side eye from friends and MFP friends who de friend you for eating 1200 calories or under because "that's not a healthy way to lose weight." If anyone sees this and has had similar struggles but overcame it with PCOS, insulin resistance, and severe weight loss resistance, please contact me. Most people, even those with PCOS, that I have talked to or read seem to have huge success with keto. For those who want to suggest "you should up your calories and that will work for you"... no. No. It does not work for me and you can trust me that I have tried eating at 1200, 1400, 1500, and higher. No.