Weight goal?



  • raizelchaya
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    I think a lot depends on how much we exercise while losing weight and maintaining weight. The more sedentary the easier it is to gain. CollieCanDo.... I am 6"1" and was never lower than size 12 as an adult. Size 8 or 10 sounds small unless you are small boned. I am medium boned. So in that way we are all different. TasminEz....165 sounds good. I am finding this hard to do alone. It is 55 days now. Late at night is hard for me.
  • raizelchaya
    raizelchaya Posts: 54 Member
    How many calories is everybody eating? Are you trying to lose 1 or 1.5 a week ? What kind of exercise do you do?
  • gunnerslove77
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    I'm cutting out sugar eatting more natural foods. and I'm losing around 1lb a week when I'm not being naughty.. I'm around 1400 calories and going to the gym at least once a week..(cross trainer and treadmill) hard to fit it in with 6 kids and a hubby always working. I've now lost 42 lbs and ppl are just noticing
  • rachelr1116
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    I keep going back and forth between 1 and 1.5 a week. My calorie goal is between 1440 and 1680 depending on if I pick 1 or 1.5 lbs per week. I try to go to the gym as often as I can. Mostly I use the stationary bike or elliptical or swim with my son. The weather is finally cooling down some so I'm trying to get out for long bike rides on the weekends or hikes.
  • silvernswan
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    Really interesting to see such variations in goals. I'm 5'10 and have a large frame, I have wide shoulders (similar size to men's shoulders) and am very curvy.

    As a teenager (at my adult height) I was between 72-75kg (160-165lb). I do have 75kg as my goal weight, but I'm not sure how I'll feel when I get there. It could be too skinny for me. I'd honestly be happy to be under 80kg (175lb)

    CW 100kg/220lb
  • classychica
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    Hi everyone- let's see, I am 6' tall and i have a big butt (referred to by friends as a peach) good grief :) and i definitely have hips (i want to slim those down)....I have been (at my heaviest for about 1 year- 230)-8 years ago (illness)
    My weight in high school was 165-170 (very athletic, low fat, size 8/10).....I now weigh 173, size 10/12(but I'm out of shape, so a lot more fat, a lot less muscle)- so I'm not fitting into high school attire - not that i have any of that anymore. :)
    My goal is really to get down to 165 and I have a very bad lower back from playing tennis and running for years...so I cannot do much other than my physical therapy stretches, which i hope take me back to walking more....
    So- 6' tall.....165 goal. The lowest I weighed was at 15 I was 155 and I had mono and I thought I looked sick, but my friends said I looked great (good grief)......so let's say 155-165 :) I've been battling these last 15 lbs for the last 2 years and keep fluctuating up and down 3-5 lbs.....something will make it happen!!!!
  • ladygusgoose
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    I'm 6 foot, naturally lanky limbs and no boobage to speak of; I got to my "doctor recommended" weight of ~158 lbs a couple of times (currently gained back some) and I still had quite a lot of belly fat, so my new goal for now is 150. If I find I look good before hitting it, of course I'll stop before then, and vice versa.
  • zay31
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    I'm 5'9...309 and my goal is 220
  • feliciaboots
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    My current goal is 200 lbs. I was 265 at my heaviest and my knees ached all the time. My lowest (after being my heaviest) was 192 lbs and my body looked amazing but my body ached all the time (11 miles cycling daily plus running around at work and my physical activity at home). 200 I looked really really good and didn't ache. :)
  • nanlmille
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    I am 5'9" (shrunk from 5'10") and presently 227, having lost 14 pounds so far. I am trying for a gradual weight loss this time (1 or 2 pounds per month) and my first goal is to get below 200 and stay there. I was a size 12 in college but I don't aspire to be that thin again. My wildest fantasy would be about 170. I would be thrilled with that. (I am 64.)
  • Zara11
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    5'8" and while I'd love to get back to my college weight, I think there's no way that's possibly anymore. 135-140 is my current goal.
  • JulieAntler
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    I am 6" tall with a small to medium frame, and I weigh 226. I am size 14. I weighed 175 at size 10. I weighed 150 at size 8, I weighed 140 at size 6, I weighed 128 at size 3. Choose the size you are most comfortable. I was getting ready to model at size 3, and that was so hard to maintain. I have just graduated from school with two teaching credentials, and I am finishing up my Masters in Educational Theory...while working full time and taking care of my family. I have had pressing priorities, but my body has suffered. Recently, I started to focus on my weight, body fat and fitness again. My goal is to be 148. I was happy at this weight, and just under size 8. Please take the time to think about how your body "feels" at each weight or size and work towards where you feel your best! Good luck! And I am so glad to be part of Tall Women!!
  • ZhivagosGirl
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    I'm 5'11"and am aiming for 199 at this point. I haven't weighed that since Jr. High. The closest I've gotten was 212 when I turned 40 (I'm 48 now). Lost 100 lbs then and yup - gained it all back. Have lost 50 between January and the end of May - now am stuck in the most hellish plateau. Have been gaining and losing the same 3 lbs for 6 weeks. Anyway - I'd like to see myself under 200 and we'll go from there.
  • Shellybear70
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    I set my goal at 160 for now. I think I was around a size 10 when I weighed that last time and that was fairly comfortable for me. But I'll have to reassess when I get there. 5'10" I'm not sure exactly l what I weighed when I started but I've lost about 15-20lbs which is the best I've ever done without crazy fad diets so I'm really happy with my progress so far.
  • aamundsoncpa
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    I'm 5'10", 50 years old and about 173 pounds at the moment. I've been on Weight Watchers a few times over the years and my goal weight for WW is 162. I'm trying to be a little kinder to myself as I go through menopause...because losing weight at this time in my life is nearly impossible no matter how much I work at it! I've found that giving up sugar is about the only thing that makes the scale budge significantly - and that's hard for me because sugar is in everything plus I have a major sweet tooth. When I'm at my goal weight, I can wear most of my size 8 (US) pants. I've never had much in the way of curves/hips or butt so that's why I can get into those smaller pants sizes. On top I'll always be a large because of broad shoulders.

    About 10 years ago, I got down to 152-154 pounds. While I was satisfied, a co-worker said she thought I was too thin. Not sure if others felt that way or if she was jealous (we were both doing WW at that time). I know I can't maintain anything in the mid-150's anyway. I'm trying to reduce my sugar intake now to get back below 170 and hope to lose more (and keep it off) once I'm finished with menopause.
  • ginnybrock
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    Hi :) I'm 6'1", small framed and currently 141 pounds. At my fittest was somewhere between 135-138 pounds. I want to be there again for sure. It'll take a while, I slacked off the fitness for ages while travelling and lost all my muscle.