Keto friends wanted!!! :D



  • SarcasticBlondie
    SarcasticBlondie Posts: 836 Member
    I'm Keto. Add me if you want, and anyone else is welcome.
  • xLexa
    xLexa Posts: 482 Member
    I just started Keto last week. I would love some of you folks to add me so maybe we can travel this path together.
  • gwilborn715
    gwilborn715 Posts: 1 Member
    I've just started Keto and I'm so impressed with all of you who've lost weight. Looking for friends to support each other so add me please.
  • jaimecastelan
    jaimecastelan Posts: 1 Member
    I'm also new to keto, looking forward to get support and provide support when needed. Let's chat!
  • iris8pie
    iris8pie Posts: 224 Member
    edited March 2017
    im about a month in, looking for keto friends so i can snoop through yalls food journals and get ideas...add me please!
  • doingitketo
    doingitketo Posts: 3 Member
    Hi there! I've been on keto for five weeks now. I'm down 22 pounds and have pretty much gotten the hang of it. I'm very connected with a keto community on Instagram and thought I would make connections here to keep up the support. Would love to support & learn!
  • MeanSophieCat
    MeanSophieCat Posts: 200 Member
    Been eating keto for 13 days. I am hoping to balance my hormones and maybe lose some weight while I'm at it. Looking for friends!
  • carolinamamasita
    carolinamamasita Posts: 21 Member
    Hi there.
    I do keto as well
    Anyone that wants can add me
  • Curvycurly223
    Curvycurly223 Posts: 44 Member
    Anyone is welcomed to add me. Open dairy. Down 56 pounds, 44 to go
  • RoosterDJC
    RoosterDJC Posts: 93 Member
    I haven't been on this thread in a few weeks, welcome all! Such happy faces to become new friends :smile:
  • Lem0nyFresh
    Lem0nyFresh Posts: 14 Member
    Hi everyone! I started my keto journey about a week ago! Looking forward to learning more from everyone, have a great week!
  • rugged1529
    rugged1529 Posts: 95 Member
    Hello all, I can use some keto friends. add me please.
  • Sunshineandtanlines
    I have been on this lifestyle journey, for the past year. I also would love to have Keto friends - please add me too.
  • lm2011grad
    lm2011grad Posts: 17 Member
    Hi, feel free to add me Keto peeps! 68 days of Keto, I have an open diary, down 24 lbs thus far. ;)
  • BrittanyShae
    BrittanyShae Posts: 1 Member
    I am only 2 weeks into keto WOE, so I am still learning as I go and making adjustments! Would love some keto friends, help and support!
  • pianogal77
    pianogal77 Posts: 2 Member
    yes! I would love the support and to share recipes!
  • andreasoulcastle
    andreasoulcastle Posts: 478 Member
    I am pretty new as well. Just started my 3rd week of Keto. Anyone is welcome to add me.
  • erical007
    erical007 Posts: 2 Member
    Me too, I started March 1st. I would also like a community
  • lynnr1743
    lynnr1743 Posts: 1 Member
    Day 3....going well so far....looking for more meal/snack ideas and support! Add away :)
  • yazheirx
    yazheirx Posts: 9 Member
    Anyone can add me