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shans34shans34 Posts: 535Member Member Posts: 535Member Member
Hello, I'm new to the group. I'm so happy to find you all because the OMAD is not so popular with many!
I'm 35 years old. 5'7
SW: 363
CW: 287
GW: 190
I love the one meal a day because it takes the stress out of eating. I find I can create a calorie deficit easier this way and it keeps me from over eating. If I'm particularly hungry I might throw in a snack, but otherwise, I prefer this.


  • amflautistamflautist Posts: 998Member, Premium Member Posts: 998Member, Premium Member

    Totally agree with you about taking the stress out of eating. The reason I flunked Weight Watchers so many times is because ALL they talked about was food! That was the LAST thing I needed - thinking yet again about food. OMAD is so easy in that regard.
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  • wsandy8512wsandy8512 Posts: 1,897Member Member Posts: 1,897Member Member
    Welcome to the group, I'm new here as well. I love this for the same reasons as you do. Best to you on your journey :-)
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  • mikseynihamikseyniha Posts: 442Member Member Posts: 442Member Member
    Welcome :smiley:
    You will find great support and unending encouragement here!
    I like OMAD for the same reason as you do.. Its such a relief to not having to think about food all the time. Keep up the spirit :)
  • leveejohnleveejohn Posts: 346Member Member Posts: 346Member Member
    Welcome!!! Wow you've made great progress already!
  • arguablysamsonarguablysamson Posts: 1,592Member Member Posts: 1,592Member Member
  • blambo61blambo61 Posts: 4,372Member Member Posts: 4,372Member Member
    This is a very simple program and that definitely is one of it's strengths. Welcome and keep posting!
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