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Anyabean17 Posts: 27 Member
I'm not new to MFP, but I'm sort of new to the whole friends thing. I have one friend I know personally, and one I met here on MFP. I'm hoping to add more friends that log in and even post status updates once in a while. Hoping for motivation and encouragement--giving and receiving. I'm a big introvert at heart and don't see myself posting in forums all the time. I'd rather just have a few friends (either introverts like me or outgoing extraverts or anywhere in between) I can get to know a bit. I'm looking to lose 30 pounds, and just started the You Are Your Own Gym DVD workouts, and wear my Fitbit mostly every day. Okay, hitting the Post Discussion button now.


  • str8bowbabe
    str8bowbabe Posts: 712 Member
    Feel free to add me if you would like. Im closing in on 48...wanting to lose the 20 pounds I have gained back in the last year and always more than willing to help with whatever I can.
  • annobrien8802
    annobrien8802 Posts: 9 Member
    Im.46 trying to loose weight add me please
  • BabyJen75
    BabyJen75 Posts: 5 Member
    I've been around for a while too and new to the community thing too. I'm an INFJ (meyer Briggs) so I certainly understand the introvert thing. I just turned 42 and have 100+ to lose, so I will be here for awhile. Feel free to friend me if you like, I could use help with motivation too.
  • beesmum
    beesmum Posts: 21 Member
    Feel free to add me. I'm 43 and looking to lose 80 lbs
  • athenamoon01
    athenamoon01 Posts: 7 Member
    Anya_KC, I am very much an introvert, like you. I have a hard time posting in forums. I am just returning to MFP and am also looking for some motivation. Perhaps we can encourage each other. I am 44 on Saturday and need to lose 35 lbs. So, feel free to add me as a friend as well.
  • llsmith
    llsmith Posts: 1 Member
    Feel free to add me as well. I am new to the weight loss and looking for motivation.
  • ally_rasm
    ally_rasm Posts: 13 Member
    I'm also shy and introverted. Trying to get out of my shell a little bit. I'll add you. My goal is to be active with my posting and challenges in hopes of staying motivated and get this weight off.
  • dzuli823
    dzuli823 Posts: 115 Member
    Feel free to add me as well! I feel the same way.
  • fbchick51
    fbchick51 Posts: 240 Member
    Add me as well. Happy to add new friends
  • GammaKJ
    GammaKJ Posts: 14 Member
    Can add me as well. 44 here. Have around 95 pounds to lose. Not new to MFP but not active in posting either in a forum or on status updates.
  • swebee14
    swebee14 Posts: 5 Member
    Just started (again). I'm almost 45 and need to lose 50 lbs at least. Have high blood pressure and Dr is concerned. How do you add friends? I may find it before anyone answers since I am exploring while being bored at my desk job...
  • NextRightThing2015
    NextRightThing2015 Posts: 12 Member
    Add me as well. Fellow introvert here. I like to motivate and encourage others on their weight loss journey because it helps me stay focused on mine.
  • shonat11
    shonat11 Posts: 170 Member
    Like you , I'm not new to MFP but am new to the friends thing. Please feel free to add me as I'm also looking for support.
  • beesmum
    beesmum Posts: 21 Member
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    Having friends can be motivating!!
  • lucy3541
    lucy3541 Posts: 44 Member
    Feel free to add me y'all. I'm also an introvert. Probably won't be very active on forums but, would enjoy having a few friends to cheer for on this journey. I'm 47 and have 120 lbs to lose.
  • Graymanstole
    Graymanstole Posts: 257 Member
    I log in and post once in a while. Have been told I can be funny, but more of a 'hey everybody point and laugh at that guy' kinda way. Feel free to add me if you'd like.
  • Elsiebeane
    Elsiebeane Posts: 95 Member
    Please add me! 48 with a crap ton of weight to lose. I would love the support.
  • BamaChick74
    BamaChick74 Posts: 7 Member
    I just joined this week and I am looking for friends as well. I will add you all if you will accept. I am 43 and have about another 40 lbs. to loose. I am usually pretty optimistic, but could always use encouragement and happy to give it back.
  • Healthyhenk
    Healthyhenk Posts: 33 Member
    Hi! I'm 42 and i'm living in the Netherlands. I'm looking for friends for motivation, tips exchange so feel free to add me!
  • kverenat
    kverenat Posts: 31 Member
    You can add me too. I'm 41 with about 60 to lose. Need all the help I can get!