Pure Barre vs. other barre fitness classes

How is this workout? I used to do Cardio Barre (which is LA based) and LOVED it, but now I've moved back east and that franchise doesn't exist here. They are opening up a Pure Barre near me soon and I wanted to know it compares to other barre workouts.


  • vicMD
    vicMD Posts: 3 Member
    LOVE LOVE LOVE -- if you can get into a class you're already way ahead of the game;

    Classes taken: Physique 57, Bar Method, Pop Physique

    I've only done P57 via DVD, but i adore the PB classes - I do not have a studio near me however i do the DVDs and they compliment my cardio well. Let me know what other questions you have.
  • LTSLifetime62
    LTSLifetime62 Posts: 4 Member
    Try Pure Barre. I love it. It makes you leaner, stronger and is always a challenge!
  • PennyVonDread
    PennyVonDread Posts: 432 Member
    I'm in Portland and Barre3 is a great studio that also offers home workout options.
    We have Pure Barre, Mod Physique, and Barre Method, too, but Barre3 has been my favorite so far.

    Also, I occasionally visit Industrial Barre. I like the place, but it's so much more expensive. I only drop in occasionally since it's close to where I work.