Any work lunch ideas?

I really need to start taking my lunch for work instead of buying it from nearby. Anyone have any ideas of quick, easy lunches that I could possibly make the night before? Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Xalanii
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    1/2 cup of rice, broccoli or whatever veg to have around, paired with half a can of tuna and teriyaki sauce.

    Under 300 calories and high in protein, I like to add some black beans for the fiber.
  • Cindy_Windy
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    Probably not the NIGHT before, but if you're okay with making things in bulk, try these:

    Pickled daikon and carrot:
    Pickled cucumbers:

    And then when you want to eat it, get some nice red leaf lettuce, grilled chicken and your favourite picked item and make lettuce wraps or a nice salad!
  • Skyfallbw
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    If you like salads, try making a salad in a mason jar the night before. Start with your dressing first, then some beans, heart palms, cucumbers, beets, avocados, and top with lettuce greens. Lettuce should be last so it won't wilt. Close up the jar and keep in fridge. Good for 4 days in the fridge. Chick peas are good, spinach, mushrooms and green onions and tomatoes. You can bring the dressing on the side in a small jar.
  • Woodsmoke
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    I have cut out of a lot of carbs so I never take bread to work. I wrap light cheese triangles in packet meat slices and keep a little light dip (like tzatziki) on the side, then eat cucumber or pepper strips on the side.
  • caitlin_vanvliet
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    I cook half a chicken breast, green beans and tomatoes in a pan together and put some pesto on top. its an easy meal prep and you can eat ti hot and cold
  • trbixler40
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    Frozen bags of riced cauliflower/broccoli or cauliflower/sweet potato etc are great. Minimal calories and you can add whatever you want. Huge opportunity to bolster your servings of fruit/veggies without giving up a ton of flavor. Even exchanging a 200 calorie cup of rice for a 20 calorie cup of riced veggies with some of the recipes above would make a truckload of difference...

    Convenience is key when youre busting out the door in the morning. Don't wait until the morning of. Make something healthy the night before and put some in a container for lunch right on the spot so it's ready...

    Plus some of these above recipes look really good!
  • trbixler40
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    Hey, there's a great app called smart recipes that gives you really easy recipes (breakfast lunch and dinner) and it tells you how many calories are in each meal. You can even add your favourite meals t your shopping list and it will make a complete shopping list for you! I love it.
    Change4Life - Smart recipes

    Downloaded...thanks April!
  • dozzon
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    Roast beef sandwich ( ~350Kcal)
    • 2 slices of bread (i use low carb, high protein bread)
    • ~100g Roast beef in slices (or anyway you like to cut it i guess)
    • ~40g Cottage cheese
    • Cucumbers
    • Red or Yellow paprika
    • Yellow or red onions
    • Some Chili paste (if you like a little heat - can be skipped of course)
    • Maybe some tomatoes if you like
    • Black pepper
    • Garlic powder

    Mix the cottage cheese and chili paste and then make layers of roast beef, veggies and cottage cheese mix.
    Put some black pepper and garlic powder on each layer of roast beef (i usually have 2 layers of rb).
  • amyrooni
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    Cottage cheese topped with cucumber, halved cherry tomatoes, and kalamata olives.
  • amyrooni
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    Chicken salad in lettuce leaves. Fresh berries.
  • ZooKeeper9663
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    Can of chick peas, sweet peppers cut into chunks, celery, radish, cherry tomatoes, red onions (basically, whatever you have in the crisper that isn't leafy). Marinate in a couple of tablespoons of good olive oil, lemon juice to taste, black pepper and a hit of oregano. I add feta when I dish it out, I find it loses its flavour if just left in the marinade, but it's filling, healthy and the flavours have a nice spike to them :-) It can stay in the fridge and you can just serve from the container when it's time to leave for work.
  • melanie8135
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    measem1 wrote: »
    You could also bring last nights leftovers, I do this often, Tonight making a Walking Off Weight recipe called "Stir fried Orange Chicken and Broccoli" sounds real good and will have left overs since only 2 of us are eating...anyway just a thought...

    Could you share the recipe please it sounds lovely.
  • lady_bug_jd
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    I usually make something on Sundays that I can take for lunches most of the week. Things like Shepherd's pie, chicken & veggies, or pasta. If you don't mind eating the same thing all week I find it the easiest. I pre-pack portions into containers so I can just grab in the morning. On week's I don't make anything I usually take salads, boiled eggs, deli meat, cheese, carrot sticks, cucumber. I try to keep healthy snacks in my drawer too like nuts, fruit cups and homemade granola.