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Starting a TaeKwonDo class?

trackercasey76trackercasey76 Posts: 793Member Member Posts: 793Member Member
A new dance studio is opening up and they asked me to start a TKD class. I am a 2nd degree black belt and have taught many times at the school that I studied in but starting from scratch is going to be new to me. Any suggestions?


  • bwmalonebwmalone Posts: 2,072Member Member Posts: 2,072Member Member
    I have helped open a school (with my instructor) and run a few clubs myself over the years. Teaching martial arts is the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life... and I would not trade it for the world.

    However it is NOT for everyone.

    Some thoughts:

    Talk to your instructor - does he or she think you are ready to teach on your own? What is your organization's position on promotion? Will you have sufficient authority to promote your students, or will they need to test at another school?

    Time - do you have the time to commit to teach and run a club? That means planning Everything around that schedule - including family time and vacations. In addition to teaching, you will need time to work on class plans, prepare and hold events, marketing activities, and billing (assuming you are running an autonomous club).

    Money - IF you are running your club right, attracting students, retaining them long term, and teaching quality classes... you probably won't lose money, but you won't be rolling in the dough either, especially in a small club. Like most small businesses, there is risk. In the beginning, you Will lose money... rent, equipment, licensing, insurance, marketing materials, etc... it adds up fast. Depending on your plans and ability to attract and retain students, this can last anywhere from a few months to a few years before you start breaking even. Can your situation survive that?

    Demographics - Do you want to teach adults? Kids? Both? Are you good at teaching that demographic? Do students re-arrange their training schedule just so they can train on the days you are assisting? Is the dance studio compatible with that demographic? (i.e. if it's a kindergarten ballet class and you mainly cater to hard core cage fighter types... that might be a problem.. or if the dance studio is focusing on ballroom and salsa dancing, then you might have access to a pool of fitness minded adults ... make sure it's a good fit).

    After considering these things, ask yourself if this is the right thing for you... if your desire to teach still rings true after knowing what it is going to demand from you.... then go for it.

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