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Trying Omad

rocknlotsofrollsrocknlotsofrolls Posts: 418Member Member Posts: 418Member Member
Hello everyone. I would like to try this WOE, but I'm confused on what you can eat. I know you still have to watch calories, but what is everyone eating. I'm quite fond of carbs, and I would love to know I can eat cereal and things like that, instead of tofu salads, and carrot sticks with hummus. Thanks guys, for any advice.


  • jvcinvjvcinv Posts: 504Member Member Posts: 504Member Member
    It's flexible as to what you can eat for sure. Make sure that you eat something satisfying and filling, since you're only eating once a day it has to carry you through. So for me cereal just wouldn't cut it in that respect.
  • rocknlotsofrollsrocknlotsofrolls Posts: 418Member Member Posts: 418Member Member
    I see what you mean. Thanks
  • rocknlotsofrollsrocknlotsofrolls Posts: 418Member Member Posts: 418Member Member
    Thank you. I actually tried OMAD a few months ago, but I ended up binge eating on junk from 6pm to bedtime, telling myself I will go back to low carb the next day. Whenever one diet fails, I always binge eat that day, and tell myself I'll try something else the next day, and guess what? It fails too, and another endless cycle, all the while, I'm just getting bigger and bigger. This time, I'm gonna try to eat more filling food like the above poster told me, but I'm gonna include a little junk for my sanity, and see if that helps.
  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 2,841Member Member Posts: 2,841Member Member
    Omad allows you to eat basically whatever you want although many of us do count calories if for nothing else than just the data to track Weight Loss and what works for us just make sure that it's satisfying and will keep you happy until your next, omad... good luck and we're here for you
  • rocknlotsofrollsrocknlotsofrolls Posts: 418Member Member Posts: 418Member Member
    Thank you so much.
  • Brendalea69Brendalea69 Posts: 3,461Member Member Posts: 3,461Member Member
    You can eat whatever you like just try to make it well balanced and if you haven't watched any of Joe's videos on You tube then I suggest you do because he has a lot of them and they have so much information :)
  • kokonanikokonani Posts: 511Member Member Posts: 511Member Member
    I am eating anything up to my calorie limit of 1400-1500. I'm on day two so I've been going crazy with high sugar desserts. Of course I eat some protein with some salad, but right now I'm so excited about being able to eat an actual real baked good, instead of a fake keto muffin made with coconut oil! (Don't want to see another keto fat bomb!) So I've indulged in chocolate, muffins and donuts in my meals. I think after a few days my body will tell me this will not work and it's not filling enough to last me until the next meal. But for now I am completely satisfied and enjoying it.
  • wsandy8512wsandy8512 Posts: 1,897Member Member Posts: 1,897Member Member
    Yes, as per others, you can eat whatever you want on OMAD without restriction aside from those you put on yourself. I did find having fats and protein held me over really well, but I'm not a low carber, more like mindful of where those carbs come from. :)

    Best to you!
  • blambo61blambo61 Posts: 4,372Member Member Posts: 4,372Member Member
    I lost my weight (252 to 210) eating a desert about every night. I did try to fill up on good stuff 1st and would usually eat what was for dinner, then a fruit-yoghurt smoothy which was very filling and not a lot of cals, and then a desert a bit later. Worked for me and I got full and had no restrictions. I only had 1 or two small bowls of icecream though instead of 2 or 3 large bowls :) .

    Our meals are usually pretty health and we very rarely eat pre-packaged stuff and we almost always have a salad and cooked veggies. So I eat that stuff before desert.
  • brittdee88brittdee88 Posts: 1,935Member Member Posts: 1,935Member Member
    Eat what you want! I am a vegan, so carbs are pretty much par for the course for me. All of my meals are carb-heavy, and I actually feel best when my meals are starch-heavy as well. I am definitely an advocate of balanced meals made up of whole, unprocessed foods, but I have only eaten either takeout or prepped meals since beginning OMAD because I am moving. Everything I eat is organic and the prepped meals are also minimally processed, but it's still not what I would consider optimal eating. I am eating these things daily, not counting, and still losing. I also always eat "dessert," but it's usually a protein bar. Check some of the other journals for ideas. You will see that meals run the gamut around here.
  • rocknlotsofrollsrocknlotsofrolls Posts: 418Member Member Posts: 418Member Member
    Thanks guys. You're very helpful and supportive!
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