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A couple of interesting blog posts about OMAD



  • minigrrllminigrrll Posts: 1,590Member Member Posts: 1,590Member Member
    brittdee88 wrote: »
    Those blogs were pretty good reads. Do you all suggest buying her book? I know you're part of her FB group, which I assume means you have it. Is it worth it?

    Hmmmm... It's a very short book. And it's 9.99 or something. I enjoyed it and in some ways the shortness of it is good because it sort of says everything in a nutshell.

    Hard to say if it's "worth it" though. You can probably get everything she says in the book from listening to the podcasts.

    The only thing I really got that was new (or maybe I was just trying to ignore before i read the book because i didn't want to do it!) from the book was the (supposed - though I think there are studies to show the release of insulin with sweet flavors) importance of fasting "clean". i.e. no sweet diet drinks, no sweet fruity teas, no spenda/artificial sweetener and no milk/cream in coffee and tea, no sugar free gum...

    Also, you don't have to have read the book to join the FB groups.
  • minigrrllminigrrll Posts: 1,590Member Member Posts: 1,590Member Member
    wsandy8512 wrote: »
    Yay, I got accepted to the Delay, Don't Deny IF group. I may go ahead and get permission for their OMAD one as well.
    Thanks again for sharing this with us!

    Woohoo - they didn't reject you after all!
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