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Brittany's OMAD Journal

44bmartin4444bmartin44 Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
Today marks one week of OMAD. I have lost 5lbs and I'm feeling great. The first 3 days were definitely hard but now I feel like my body is somewhat adjusted and I don't worry about feeling hungry as much.


  • jvcinvjvcinv Posts: 504Member Member Posts: 504Member Member
    Great start!
    Stick with it and you will begin to realize more and more advantages as you go forward with further adjustments and as your body continues to acclimate. In time it becomes second nature.
  • minigrrllminigrrll Posts: 1,590Member Member Posts: 1,590Member Member
    Awesome! 5 lbs is so good. You definitely stop feeling hungry after a while (I still get hungry right before my window opens, but really not at all in the day...)
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