Aldi’s find

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I was happy to see they had Kerry Gold butter now, but when I went to get more yesterday, look what I found:


Can’t wait to try these.


  • Lalasouli
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    Ahhhhh! Their cheese is the best! I love the Dubliner especially. It's like sharp cheddar and parm had a baby.
  • Rainqueen77
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    Stock up! When it's gone, it's gone. doh
  • cstehansen
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    Stock up! When it's gone, it's gone. doh

    That was a concern which is why I bought one of each. I figured I would give them all a try so I could stock up on my favorite(s). All the best buy dates were May 2018, so stocking up seemed like a reasonable thing to do given how much cheese I eat.
  • carlsoda
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    I wish I could eat dairy!!!
  • macchiatto
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  • Sunny_Bunny_
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    Oh man! I love cheese!
    I haven’t ever had the Blarney Castle one but I love all the others.
  • cstehansen
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    I had the sweet cheddar on steamed broccoli last night. It was awesome. The flavors went perfectly together
  • BrownsFan19
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    I went here today to look for it and no luck. I did however find a great smoke gruyere. And some spicy salami and prosciutto! Yum. I also found some low carb snack bars.
  • Grammabear2
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    This looks delicious. I hope our store carries it too.