How tall is "tall"



  • chris5602
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    I'm 5'8.5 and need a 36 inseam.
  • SunflowerCutie
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    I'll say about 5'8 and over
  • 1sgs
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    My fiance and I went on vacation to an island in the Caribbean owned by the Netherlands and both the men AND the women were most always taller that us. It was interesting to say the least :smiley:
  • rialucia82
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    1sgs wrote: »
    My fiance and I went on vacation to an island in the Caribbean owned by the Netherlands and both the men AND the women were most always taller that us. It was interesting to say the least :smiley:

    Curaçao? In any case, I visited a friend in the Netherlands once, and it was the only place where I was among the "short" crowd at 5'10"!
  • 88freya
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    I'm 5'9" and I guess I consider myself kind of tall... Clothing can be difficult to find, I have extra long arms, my arm span is over 6'2" and long legs with a shorter torso. Jackets and blazers rarely fit my arms... it's frustrating. Average length pants never fit... so I am glad to have found talls that work perfectly. I'm only 5'9", I can't imagine how hard it is to find clothing for a gal over 6'0"!!!
  • Makkie155
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    i'm about 5'10 and consider myself tall, shoe size is 11 which is quite frustrating as i know taller women with smaller feet. Also i have very broad shoulders
  • annblahow1618
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    I'm 5'8.5", so I'm not particularly tall, but I have long legs and usually have to buy tall-sized pants.
  • gunnerslove77
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    I'm 5'9 so not much difference between us.. my inside leg is 33.
  • classychica
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    Evening ladies...I'm 6' tall....size 10 shoes :) I think if I wear heels I may fall over (joking)....happy to have found a tall hubby....but I do buy the tall size pants as my legs are "all of me"....
  • JuneGem6471
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    I'm 5'10" and many "average" pants fit me, but my torso is very long, so I'm lucky to find tops that go very far below my waist, much less cover my booty!
  • ginnybrock
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    I'm 6'1" and I begin to notice people's height around 5'10".
  • cat_lady77
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    Same, I really don't notice unless people are about "my level" or taller haha.
  • kemit1976
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    I am 5'9 I was just in a meeting and most were shorter than me and some were by a lot. I don't think I am at tall till I go out to places and realise there are a lot of shorter humans out there.
  • scottyp65
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    I don't know the cut-off but I am 6'5", and I have a 31" inseam! Doc said if my legs matched my torso I would be 6'10"! I figure if your legs touch the ground you are good:-)
  • ahopefultree
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    Average height for women is around 5'3, and I think generally 5'7 would be the start of calling a lady tall.

    But it also has to do with personal perception. I have sisters who are 5'3 and 5'7. I'm 6' myself, so I consider both of them short. But the 5'7 one is tall to the 5'3 one (I'm a giant to the 5'3 sister and I love it!).
  • nanlmille
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    lalepepper wrote: »
    What is considered "tall" also depends on the average where you are living. Women in Scandinavia are more likely to be within a few inches of my height (6') while women in America average about 5'4", so it's really all relative.

    This is so true! I visited Denmark and Sweden last fall and was totally amazed at how many 6' plus women I saw! My daughter is nearly 6'3" and she did not look out of place there. And I, at 5'9" (shrunk from 5'10") felt positively average.
  • newgirl512
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    I'm dutch. 5'10" considered normal height by all my cousins. I live in the south in America. I'm considered super tall here!
  • marmeer25
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    I found this site - it calculates height percentile by country. For me in Canada, at 6'1" - 1 in 1733 people would be taller then me. When I switched it to the Netherlands, it said 1 in 99. It is a very interesting site!
  • toriann319
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    I am 5'11 and my childhood best friend is 4'11. She claims she is 5' now, but I don't believe her. My mom is 5'7 and my dad is 5'11, sister coming in at a whopping 5'5. I have always felt like I towered over everyone. I'm getting married next year and my tallest bridesmaid is my sister... I can't win for losing. HAHA!
  • RandJ6280
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    As a man, of 5'8" which I consider short for men, I consider a woman of 5'8" or taller to be tall. I had a girlfriend who was my weight, we were both ok with it, she wear flats most of the time when we went out. I believe it's all hoe one carries themselves. Confident and all is well.

    Let me propose this question to you women 5'8" and taller - would you date a man that is 5'8"?