Small victory...but a first for me!

DKG28 Posts: 299 Member
I just returned from a benefit dinner, buffet style. Wine, beer, Croutons, Dinner Rolls, breaded chicken and fish, and potatoes, a huge dessert table, and a treat bag at each seat with caramel popcorn and chocolate.

I'm proud to report that I ate a green salad, no croutons, mixed veggies (zucchini/squash/green bean mixture), and a nice hunk of prime rib, skipping over the other breaded meats. No alcohol, no sweets, no bread, no potatoes! Left the treat bag at the table. I have NEVER skipped dessert at such a thing, and never, never left behind free sweets. I had a bit of a mental battle, but I went in prepared, and I left a victor!

Next battle: the inevitable church donuts and cake tomorrow...One day at a time!


  • Sunny_Bunny_
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    Great job!
    You’re ready to tackle tomorrow. You can do this!
  • nvmomketo
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    Yay! That is defintely a victory. :) Congratulations.
  • verybusybee
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    That is a huge victory. You should be very proud.
  • River_Goddess
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    Yahoo!! Yay you!
  • bametels
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    Sounds like a big victory to me - congrats!!
  • ironmaidenchick
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    Excellent job! Woohoo
  • alteredsteve175
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  • chinatowninchina
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    very well done indeed and now you can think, no cake etc at church otherwise what was the point of denying yourself at the dinner.........!! o:)
  • aupston
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    It really isn’t small-being able to take this lifestyle change into the real world- it is an amazing step.
    Having the strength to maintain what you are doing will help the next time you are faced with those chooses.

    Well done!
  • DKG28
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    Thanks everyone! I appreciate your encouragement. It totally helps!
  • kpk54
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    Awesome NSV! The more you succeed the more you become aware of how over fed "we" have allowed ourselves to be.
  • mmultanen
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    I love your "one day at a time" attitude. every moment counts, and if you don't make an amazing choice in the moment remember that the very next moment you can. Congratulations!
  • RAC56
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    @aupston WELCOME! :)